“Malaysian Nude Beach Games”, Baker Beach, San Francisco

“Malaysian Nude Beach Games”, Baker Beach, San Francisco, 2014-10-04

In glorious warm weather of a Saturday, with lots of people on the beach, mostly textiles but also nudes in the eastern end, George Davis and a few helpers had set up pretty close to where nudes are more frequent. Gypsy Taub then came with her kids and an aide, and Ray had been here already a couple of hours. Lloyd, ever present at nude events in the city, was also here.

Rich Pasco couldn’t come, having a conflict of schedule, and Nomad didn’t show up; Rusty Mills was sick in bed, otherwise he would surely be there. George wanted to register more people before beginning the show, so he kept waiting for more folks to possibly come. A big concert in the Golden Gate Park kept giant masses clogging streets and sidewalks, and both busses and private cars had problems getting through to the beach which by noon had both of its parking lots full.

Slowly a few more nudists who had heard of the event, were trickling onto the beach, and by 12:30 p.m. George decided to start, although with fewer participants than expected. Naturally, volleyball needed more players, so that was shunted aside, but other field sports could be engaged in.

First came a 50 meters run, and by now there were 7-8 participants, as a few outsiders had seen the nude grouping and asked what was going on. When told about the beach sports, some of these outsiders joined in. There were at least three Frenchmen, and a Dane, tourists, a woman from the nude sunbathers that Gypsy induced to join for one or two games, and a few others who selectively joined in for what they thought was fun.

After the 50m. run came broad jump, then a Frisbee (to substitute for a Discus) throw, then a separate long run to the end of the beach near Golden Gate Bridge, then wheelbarrow race, wrestling, and run into the water. There were too few folks for a tug-of-war, and nobody had brought washable paints for the scheduled body painting, so both that and body art were cancelled. But crab walking went on.

In any case, some of the sports were very tiring, like the long run and the wrestling matches, and by about 3 p.m. interest in more sports was petering out. Then by 3:15 p.m. I left, sweating from the clothing covering me, a command by my dermatologist not to expose myself to more ultraviolet light, after the multiple operations I had had at Kaiser Permanente facilities, clinics and hospital. Skin cancer and I go back together a long time.

Anyway, I was happy to have been there to cover the event photographically, and I hope the organizers will again choose this location for other events.

Leif Heilberg

All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc., vikingphoto@earthlink.net

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