Gypsy Taub and Jaymz Smith’s nude wedding at San Francisco City Hall

Gypsy Taub and Jaymz Smith’s nude wedding at San Francisco City Hall, 19th December 2013. All photos by Leif Heilberg.

The Norwegian TV crew hands over to Inti (Gypsy’s daughter) a bouquet of fragrant white flowers, for bride Gypsy. George Davis, the perpetual nude candidate for city office, is being interviewed by TV. Gypsy and Jaymz arrive, loaded down with promotional material, primarily posters

Crowds have gathered before the City Hall steps, for the widely publicized 12 o’clock noon wedding ritual. TV crews (four different ones) get busy. Finally Gypsy appears from City Hall, now dressed in her wedding gown, veil, etc. Inti brings the white bouquet to Mom while this latter speaks to the crowd. Now the groom joins his bride, and the crowds thicken, to the point one asks oneself: where is the couple? Drowned in the crowd, hardly visible!

Gypsy gets a megaphone and addresses the public, pronouncing all the human rights of nudity, and Jaymz chimed in as well. Gypsy emphasized “freedom of choice”, saying she hailed from Moscow where there never was any freedom, neither for speech nor otherwise. In a long spiel she also brought up San Francisco’s traditional laid back attitude toward nudity, till the infamous bylaw to curb those freedoms, was instituted by the freedom hater Scott Wiener. This gay Jew forgets that it was Hitler who forbade nudism along with many other things, also homosexuality.

After Gypsy’s long spiel, with a fat group of camera toting photographers surrounding them, the couple was directed by a sheriff’s deputy to descend the City Hall stairs and stopped where George Davis presided as marrying agent, and at this time both Gypsy and Jaymz undressed, with Gypsy only keeping her veil on, so the marriage vows and the ring exchange could be done in the nude. Awfully hard to get any clear shot of all this, as the crowd was pressing in from all sides to get pictures of the wedding couple. Never before were there such dense crowds, but then, never were the other brides nude, and pictures of this were therefore sensational.

At the end of the ceremony bride and groom kissed long and deep, then descended onto the sidewalk and had their first dance, with a mariachi band providing the music. A few other persons then joined in, nude or semi-nude, and this went on for a good while, till the darkening clouds of two dozen black-clad S,F. storm troopers came with a paddy wagon.

An hour into the wedding, a bit after 1 p.m., the force leader gave the wedding couple 5 minutes to stop their activities in the nude – or be arrested. So, without further ado, a quarter after 1:00 both bride and groom were arrested and stuffed into the paddy wagon. However, 7-8 minutes later both were released, after being cited in the wagon. On the sidewalk they put on devices that barely let them say they were not nude, and the cops left. Gypsy and Jaymz proudly displayed their police citations and said they would have these dismissed, just like they had last week’s citations dismissed this morning, before the wedding.

Leif Heilberg

All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc.,

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Neels Nothling
Well done guys ! Keep at it. We need more of this. God Bless your marriage. Neels, South Africa.

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