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Casting, "Naked and Afraid" on Discovery Channel

Casting, "NAKED AND AFRAID" on Discovery Channel.

All Expenses Are Paid for during this casting process (travel/sleep/food)!!!

So you could get a free trip to LA ,if picked!!!

It will be 21 days of filming in the wilderness after you are chosen by Producers.
This is not a set. This is Very Real.
And yes, you do need to be there for 21 days straight to be paid for your time.  (Compensated for time off work)

This is not a Competition Show! This is a Survivor Show!
You just have to survive 21 days!

Must be 21 yrs old at min. , Have some type of skill or training that would help you in this situation, and able to have or get a valid passport easily. (only thing production will not pay for)

Please Watch Clips Here:

Please email me at  Naela@metalflowersmedia.com ASAP if interested!!!! Please pass along

Thank You!
Naela Durrani

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leonid Fainberg
I'm dying to be on this show. Please help me to enroll

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