WNBR, San Francisco

World Naked Bike Ride in San Francisco, 8th June 2013. All photos by Leif Heilberg.

In gorgeous weather, over two dozen men, zero nude women, three topless females, and over half a hundred camera toting dressed onlookers were present for the World Naked Bike Ride in San Francisco on June 8th 2013.

It was the tenth annual anniversary of the San Francisco WNBR, like traditionally, gathering on Justin Herman Plaza at the corner of Market Street and the Embarcardo. Also like always, many tent booths were open, offering wares to tourists.

No cops showed up, despite the city's new anti-nudity law. The participants looked like they were in great spirits, with brilliant sunshine, absence of cops, and endless tourists and locals cheering them on.

Leif Heilberg, June 2013
All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc., vikingphoto@earthlink.net

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