Cap d'Agde: Naked City

Documentary about the naturist resort of Cap d'Agde on the French Mediterranean.

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Penis Hazelton
Great Video..!!!

What a great video of the place, want to go there just dont know if I can convince spouse

Danny MacDonald
Loved the video! It gave a thorough impression of Cap d'Agde, finally a large scale naturist resort with all the amenities posssible! Plus the comfortable company of other naturists. Definitely on my "to do" list of places to visit.

Is this available on DVD?

Alain Morris
This video shows our naturist village, many, many years ago. When one could say that it was truely Naturist. Some of us are still there, along with it's Sexual connotations. It would be adviseable for those coming for the first time to be aware and informed that thèse images are obsolete and that we no longer see the true image of Naturism. Instead with the so called évolution, we see supposed naturists with cameras, dressed in lingerie and provokative dress, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and people who have no intention to be naturist. 40,000 capacity plus to accomodate in our naturist village, yet the commercials still find it neccessary to invite the textiles to accommodate their businesses. There are far too many of them, all crying for more business. Infact no control, no governing body, no foundation. It's a sorrowful sight to see the buildings in dire need of repainting, renewing, roads in disrepair, parking facilities almost non existant as people park on the sidewalks, on roundabouts, anywhere infact. Unbelievable noise pollution from bars in the evening where it is impossible to hold a conversation without shouting. You will probably think then, what thé hell is he doing there, the answer is simply that, he's not there anymore. To become one of the most expensive resorts on the Mediterranean, looking and feeling the way it is today. It's better to say Good-bye and move onto new natural horizons.

Duncan Heenan
I agree totally with Alain Morris. We were there 3 years ago, and were shocked how run down, shabby, over-priced and riddled with sexual exhibitionists it was. It is certainly no place for children. Every day on the beach there was a huge (several hundred) crowd of people gathered to watch various couples or groups engaged in sex on the beach. The 'performers' obviously got a kick from being watched, and the watchers obviously got a kick from watching as most were masturbating. It is not possible to get away from the general sexual atmosphere of the place as it pervades everywhere to a larger or lesser degree. I won't be going back to Agde, and I think it very sad that what was once a flagship of true naturism is now a seedy, degenerate and run-down venue for perverts swingers and doggers and the people who make money out of them. This is not naturism as I want it, and I resent their use of that title to cover their activities.

Neil Leese
I have been going to cap d Agde for the past 4 years In that time two new hotels have been built and the camp site has been equipped with new accommodation from standard to luxury. You can still camp as you could 50 years ago. There are showers toilet blocks launderettes bars, and restaurants on the campsite Entry to camp site is guarded so no day trippers the campsite is relaxed and family friendly the beach is policed and family friendly. Further up the beach are the areas for the less family friendly activities but you only go up there if you are that way inclined or curious. The nudist city is under the control of the gendarmerie and day time is as anywhere else. The night time is the time for the exhibitionists but any sexual activity only happens in the paid for entry clubs so if that is not your scene save your money. The bars are like any bar anywhere some noisy some not food and french entertainment is on offer.The place is what you make of it. I am going again this year and will spend a month there chilling out. When I first went here it was a higgledy pigglety make shift area with shacks, tents back in the 60's It has grown up and is no longer rustic but we Tent there with electric supply and water, so we have sand between our toes most of the time we are awake.

John Jensen
I had looked forward to at weeks holiday with no clothes. I got that - almost. The naturist city is only naturist in the daytime, after 7 p.m. it becomes a large swinger-club. I have nothing against swinger-clubs at all, but not in a place that advertises itself as a family resort. And not wrapped in solid French double standards. The dress-code at one of the nightclubs says it all: "Femmes non pantaloons, hommes elegance", Roughly "females no panties, men elegant". I had an apartment on one of the main paths to the beach, and late afternoon I did my own unscientific statistic. 200 people passed my balcony, of these 80 were dressed women, 10 were nude women, 75 men were dressed, 20 nude, 15 were dressed children. They had all just passed one of the signs encouraging nude lifestyle. The buildings appear run-down and in need af repair. There are two supermarkets with prices as expected, not outrageously expensive, not exactly cheap. The rest of the shops mainly sells lingerie of the kind available in most sex shops on the net. I was in need of a plain normal t-shirt, which was almost impossible to get. Looking for another place this year.

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