Trip Report – Sithonia, Halkidiki (Greece) 2012

Dear naturist friends,

This year I spent my nudist vacations in Halkidiki, a three-fingered peninsula, south of Thessaloniki, that extends into the Aegean Sea in Greece’s northern region of Macedonia. Precisely, I went to Sithonia, a hidden paradise quietly nestled in between the other two fingers, respectively named Kassandra (very developed place with hotels and large resorts) and Athos (a 1000-year-old Holy state belonging to the Orthodox Church).

Map of Sithonia, including the main road to reach the peninsula from Thessaloniki airport.

Map of Sithonia Sithonia is the ideal vacation spot for those who want to spend their time on superb beaches, soaking up the sun and swimming in the crystal-clear sea, and of course wish to enjoy the flavorful Greek cuisine. It is also the perfect place to find isolation and get relaxed, since it is protected by strict laws and cannot be overdeveloped.

If you want to fully enjoy the beach, the sea and the mountains covered with aromatic pine trees, Summer is the best season to visit Sithonia, being June and September valid options to find even fewer people and better prices. The weather is usually pleasant and in September the water is still warm.

Sithonia can be easily reached by plane, although car and motorbike can be an option for people coming from neighboring countries. You can fly quite cheaply to Thessaloniki airport with several low-cost airlines and then rent a car or take a bus.

In Sithonia there is accommodation to fit any budget, ranging from luxury resorts to cheaper apartments, studios, or rooms. Camping is also very popular and some of Greece’s best and largest organized campsites are located here.

I decided to rent an apartment close to Neos Marmaras to be more flexible in my daily organization and be free to visit different places each day, without having any specific constraints.

Neos Marmaras is the most cosmopolitan town in the peninsula and is located at the middle of Sithonia. It is built upon three neighbor hills, and, besides offering different accommodation options either inside the town or in the surrounding area, it presents plenty of entertainment and dining choices that contribute to create a very picturesque and vibrant atmosphere.

There is only one “official” nudist beach in Sithonia (Kalamitsi nudist beach) and others where naturism is practiced and largely tolerated, and nudists and textiles mix up without any problems. In any case, limitations are set by local administrations and can vary over the years for the same beach. That’s why it is important to pay attention to possible signs reading “ΑΠΑΓΟΡΕΥΕΤΑΙ Ο ΓΥΜΝΙΣΜΟΣ - NUDISM IS FORBIDDEN” to avoid any troubles.

Generally speaking, naturism is not permitted in beaches close to villages and in the large ones that are crowded with families. In some smaller beaches, he who comes first sets the rule (nudist or textile) for the day and in some others the beach spontaneously split into a textile and a nudist area.

Fortunately, there are many uncontaminated and secluded bays, where you can sunbathe fully naked , take a nude swim or walk nude along the seashore. In my opinion these places are the ones that better represent the real spirit of a naturist vacation in Sithonia. If you have a car and drive around, you can easily find out new wonderful places each day, particularly during less crowded periods in Summer.

Here below you can find a brief description of the main beaches I had the chance to visit during my vacations, where I enjoyed most my being naturist. Also, I have added a few pictures, taken during my vacation, and related notes.

Located 1,5km north of Sarti with easy access from the main road, Achlada is a bay protected by an artificial breakwater and represents a small port for boats and fishermen. But it also hides three very beautiful beaches, which offer peace along with fine thin sand and blue waters, and one organized camp site. The second beach, with nice sand and rocks on both ends, is very nice and mostly nudist.

Agios Mamas
If you arrive at Thessaloniki by plane and rent a car, you will have a 100-km drive to reach Sithonia. In a beautiful hot day, you might want to have a stop at Agios Mamas, a long, wide and sandy beach, placed 5km east of Nea Moudania. On the main road from Nea Moudania to Nikiti, you can find a sign indicating the beach. When you reach the beach you can take the track which runs behind the beach, and move to avoid the crowd, specially concentrated where facilities can be found. I could easily find a peaceful spot where I was practically alone. I came across very few nudists there, but it was not a problem, since the beach is so big that there is plenty of space for everyone; the closest textiles were more than 300m away and a nude walk along the shoreline was also possible.


At the southern tip of Sithonia, there is Kalamitsi. Actually, Kalamitsi is not just a beach. There is a little settlement there comprised mainly of apartment villas and hotels. There are also restaurants, bars, supermarkets and other shops.
Kalamitsi is a place of exceptional beauty. Rocks and low vegetation are dominant, the sea is green-blue and the sandy beach is embraced by white rocks. Kalamitsi is made up of three smaller bays. The southern bay has a longer beach. There is a camping site there, so entrance is through it. The middle bay stretches out in front of the village where the most of the hotels and apartment houses are, and is well organized with beach chairs and umbrellas, beach-bars and restaurants. The northern bay, that is isolated from the rest, is the nudist one. This is a well-protected beach, sheltered from the wind and waves, about 150 meters long.
To get there, when you reach the village Kalamitsi, just follow the main road beside the textile beach having the sea on your right. After a while, the road becomes blind. Park the car and walk a few meters until you see a path which leads you over a small hill with bushes. After 10 minutes’ walking you will see the nudist beach. Kalamitsi nudist beach and map.

Photo: This is how Kalamitsi nudist beach appears from the path on the hill to get there from the textile beach in the previous bay.

After parking your car behind, you must take the path in the pines to reach Orange beach and Kavourotripes enclaves on foot.

About 6 km north of Sarti, on the east side of Sithonia, there is a long rocky coastline, interrupted by small enclaves of well hidden sandy beaches, that create an astonishing natural landscape of white stones, pine trees with the amazing turquoise waters and wonderful view to Mount Athos. Access is difficult from the road as there are no signs other than “Beach Bar Portokali”, so while you are on the main road of Sithonia pay attention to the dirty road that you find at about 6 km from from Sarti. You have to park your car somewhere and leave it behind since you may only climb down to the sea on foot.
First cove is Orange Beach (Portokali), one of the most popular beaches on Halkidiki with umbrellas, sunbeds and beach bar. Orange beach attracts campers with their tents pitched among the pine trees. So you need to wander a little to find your own secluded cove. The group of small beaches which continue from Orange beach to the south is the perfect choice for those who love unspoiled nature. There you can greatly enjoy sunbathing fully naked, taking nude swims and having nude walks along the shore.

Photo: After parking your car behind, you must take the path in the pines to reach Orange beach and Kavourotripes enclaves on foot.

Photo: While on the path to move from one bay to the other at Kavourotripes, you can enjoy wonderful views of the sea and the coastline.

Kriaritsi beach Kriaritsi
This is a remote beach on the south east part of Sithonia, offering a close view to Mount Athos. The place has wonderful colors and the sand is excellent. There is a camping site on the south part of the beach but most of it is free for visitors.
Kryaritsi was meant to be a modern complex of holiday houses built on the rocky terrain of the area. The houses were never built, probably because of legal issues. Nevertheless, roads were constructed and today the beach is just a part of an extraordinary place, characterized by rocky terrain, low vegetation and abrupt coastline.
Krriaritsi is a large beach of about 800 meters, naturally divided into 3 parts. There are some pitched tents but no facilities. Kriaritsi is not a 100% nudist beach and only the far left part of the main beach (as you reach the beach by road) is left to naturists and the two very small bays to the right (after you climb over some rocks).

Photo: The 2 small nudist bays at Kriaritsi, you can find on the right of the main beach and that you can reach easily after climbing over some rocks.

Western Coast Western coastline
At about 9 km south of Neos Marmaras, where the Porto Carras property ends and you find the sign Camping Stavros, you can leave the main road towards the coastline. The road goes down to the sea (about 6 km) through a pine forest. As you arrive at the coast you come across a chain of small beaches with combination of sand and pebble. The water is crystal clear because of the rocky ground. Few people come here since no facilities exist, so you can easily find your naturist cove to spend the day enjoying the sun and the sea.

Photo: You can find wonderful secluded coves also on the western coast. From the ones wide open to the sea, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets.

Secluded coves between Sarti and Sykia Photo: Here is a couple of beautiful secluded coves on the eastern coastline, between Sarti and Sykia. Getting there early in the morning to see the sun rise from Mount Athos has turned out to be a great experience.

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