Sandra G. nude in Barcelona

Spanish model Sandra G. walks through the city of Barcelona nude. In Barcelona public nudity is regarded as a recognised right, although there have been successful prosecutions for public nudity even there. Associations Addan, the organisation defending the right to nudity, Aleteia and Barcelona Council have published the "Tríptic de Barcelona" that express this and clothes free rights.


God, I feel like I souhld be takin notes! Great work

shes a 'model'? more like a sideshow act.

Mike Cortes
She looks great! Beautiful young woman. I am looking forward to my up coming trip to spain.

All tourists taking pictures on their mobile phones as if she were a walking statue. Not very edifying.

I think she is a beautiful woman and I admire her for being able to stroll nude in public!

I am Me
Disgusted that not one of the people staring at her cheered, clapped or gave her flowers.

I agree with giving her flowers and cheers...if she would like to walk with me in CT, I will give her many flowers!

This is another side of people ,good work

Absolutly beautiful, I would love too do this, but as a man I will be taken by the police very quickly

totally magical. From the first scene, where Linda takes off her skimpy dress at the cleaners to reveal her voluptuous figure, to the last view, I was totally enchanted with this vision of loveliness walking around a busy city. One scene I loved was when she went in to the cubicle to remove her clothes, rather than to put them on. I think there should be a nudity zone in all major British cities, primarily for women, with men allowed to strip off provided they pass the alcohol breath and they are accompanied by a responsible female also nude.

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