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A day in the life of a naturist

This is a documentary about Carina who has chosen to live a life as a naturist at Colina del Sol in southern Brazil..

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Marcelo F Martinez
maravilhoso, excelente, muita gente deveria ver este relato.

John S.
This was an excellent documentary from a woman's point of view. I watched both parts and found it very well thought out during the filming of it. It would be very nice if there was communities like yours here where I live in Canada. Of course Winter time here is very harsh (freezing)for the Naturist and expensive (extra heating costs).

Mehran - Raelian
Hopefully one day soon everyone will live like this, free and in tune with self and nature! Great Video! Thx

Hope everyone may have the chance to live in such lovely freedom & simple happy life. Muzo/Istanbul

it is great to see other people relaxing in the nude. i believe, if you want to live in the nude, do so. you have nothing to be ashamed for. nudity is a great thing.

Created the greatest article, you have.

francis J. Palermo
well done, if only you had english subtitles would have given it more substance

I had so much respect for naturist and by carina especially in the first part, but than i watched second part and all she discussed was sexual relations, and she was wearing clothes for more than she had em off it kind of contradicts her stand on things she started putting clothes on and i turned away because the clothes excentuate her physical form i thought naturist display their heart and character as their clothes but she wears half clothes half off its contradicting

Isn't it funny that most people associate nudity with sex, whereas sex is really about intimacy and not about clothes at all. Clothes perform other functions as discussed by Carina. My wife and I used to spend our summer holidays in the naturist centre of Cap d'Agde in the south of France during the 1980's. During the summer months of the 1980's there was an American artist there who made a living from drawing sketches of holidaymakers. Bob drew our sketch on the 1st August 1986 and while doing so he explained that nudity was completely boring in so far as his sex life was concerned. Perhaps derobing raises some people's expectations! I would love to visit Colina do Sol, where people are genuine, where they don't hide behind clothes and where they are at one with nature.

Steve Hall
We stayed at Colina del Sol back in 2004 and we would like to return. But their web page doesn't seem to work any more! Does anyone know how to contact them?

Barry Nash
I loved this video and often go on naturist holidays with my partner Carlos x

Shailesh kumar
I like this video . It is really good to be naturist but as an indian i can't practice it openly but i practiced it inside my home with my family.it feally good

Being nude is the way to live without harming the nature. Everyone is equal when we shed all inhibitions and live a pure nude life.

Naturism is to be close to nature and attentive to natural elements. For ourselves and for those around us the way nature and life was intended. Nude is natural, accepting yourself without clothes can be empowering. No matter what shape or size you are, if you can love yourself stark naked, you have the makings of a healthy self-esteem.

I think life is a challenge especially when one lives in society today where city life dictates how we live our lives. The freedom of self in other lands is one of acceptance to be oneself and I think today the female is accepted more readily by society when she is nude because women are very attractive in the nude. Men and their nude form is victimised and this has come about I believe through the perversion some men in society show towards others in society. I saw the First Episode with Carina some years back and thought what freedom and how lovely to have a chance to live such a life with nature and be one with the elements not many of us have such an experience. One grows up and is moulded by those around and their acceptance of us as individuals and if we stray outside that sphere we are outcast not only by family but by society. AS a married person who a lifetime ago experienced a naturist holiday in Europe one I will never forget. Being married does not change anything one through marriage does not mean unified interests.

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