The Rainbow Tribe

Naturism started around 1900 during time of awakening, of shedding stiff Victorian collars and the accompanying values. There was a need for lightness, air, a more natural style of living, as well as less restrictive clothing. In brief naturism was an integral part of a get back to nature movement encompassing natural remedies, vegetarianism as well as social nudity.

With this in mind it is interesting to look at the Rainbow Tribe, a group of modern day naturists (in the original sense of the word). The Rainbow Tribe would not perhaps not consider themselves to be naturists and they do not all shed their clothes but their get back to nature lifestyle shares much in common with the original naturist vision.

Here Joth Shakerley talks about his experiences of living and travelling with the Rainbow Tribe.


Sonia and I, and lately our children, Tahnee and Kaiyama have been travelling with the Rainbow family for the last 13 years – Still are!

If you asked a thousand people at a Gathering “what is Rainbow?” you would receive a thousand different answers. The Rainbow Tribe is not an organisation – It is non commercial, non political and non religious. It has no leaders, no membership and no one to represent it.

It is an ideal !

People come from all over the world to camp in forest, desert or mountain (miles from civilisation) to be in nature, to work as a Family, to sing as a Tribe and to be together as One.

  • It’s not a Festival – It is a Gathering. Everyone is welcome! It is organic and completely self sufficient. It works when everyone puts some time and energy in. Donations to the Magic Hat provide food and supplies. Decisions are made by forming a Circle and using a Talking Stick.
  • It’s fun and very creative with many different and spontaneous workshops - from music and crafts to healing and dance.
  • It’s about being outside for 24 hours and living in nature.
  • It’s about running naked through the woods whooping with joy (my trip!)
  • It’s about quality family time.
  • It’s about healing.
  • It’s about giving and receiving and it’s about sharing.
  • It’s about sitting around a camp fire, drinking chai and listening to acoustic harmonies under the stars.
  • It’s about seeing the light in our children’s eyes.
  • It’s about being open and it’s about being free!

Welcome Home !


This is my view and is not a representation of the Rainbow Tribe.

To view more of Joth's photographs of the Rainbow Tribe visit his website by clicking here and they are all for sale either as framed prints or mounted on wood.
More information about gatherings may be found here

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fred warren demann jr
i realy like the idea of being free nude running through the woods am i wrong help me

No you are not wrong. Just choose the right woods but beaches are best

Fab photos

martin herrera
Freedom.....totally free......i will like to meet you guys at the rainbow family at PA.......cross my finger.....what joy to see the life it is diferent.....have great time Brother.....wherever you are....Martin from la cuidad del sol....

now thats being freeeeeeeee wish i culd be there

Paul and Penny Hudson
Wonderful to see likeminded people enjoying life as it should be. We to enjoy naturism and nature as it is intended. Our path through life is very similiar and to incorporate our forfathers values is very much an integral part of our lives. Would it be possible to join for weekend breaks?

Ya learn something new eeryvday. It's true I guess!

Fantastic photos keep up the good work

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