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The Flaming Lips new video

The Flaming Lips are an American rock band, formed in Oklahoma in 1983. They are known for their psychedelic arrangements, spacey lyrics and bizarre song and album titles.

Their latest music video "Watching the Planets" from Embryonic, which was filmed in Portland and features Wayne Coyne being snatched by a mass young naturists who emerge from a spherical vagina to ride their bikes through the forest and eventually to free Wayne of his clothes.

You can view the full video here

You can buy the full album from:

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It's SO cool that It's SO cool that the Stripes didn't just invite the Lips onatgse to stand around awkwardly, we got some of the best known Flaming Lips stage stunts: the confetti cannon, the bull-horn, the giant topless dancer, and of course the BLOOD. Awesome.

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