British Naturism Recruitment Drive

British Naturism announce a reward scheme for recruiting new members.

As a volunteer and campaigning organisation, British Naturism (BN) is nothing without members - paying annual fees that go towards the work they do, standing for election to the official posts and running the organisation, or volunteering help in so many other important ways, to create a vibrant organisation and make sure that naturism in the UK thrives.

Naturism is clearly gaining more acceptance and participants – perhaps through the efforts of BN over the years – and so it can hinder further progress if membership of the national organisation falls, as it has done over the last few years. People don’t renew their membership for a variety of personal and financial reasons, not all of them within BN’s control, and we’re not the only membership organisation faced with the challenge of recruiting and keeping members. No doubt the current state of the economy has also forced more people to think about how they spend their money. Also, 10 to 15 years ago you had to join BN to find out about naturism, but now comprehensive information is easily found on the Internet - and it’s free. However, they’re not doing badly - in each of the last eight years at least 85% of the previous year’s members have renewed.

There is now a focus on getting membership numbers up and members and clubs will be paid a reward for bringing in new recruits.

Benefits of membership are to be found at HERE. You’ll find the current fees listed HERE which is also the page for online joining.

New recruits will obviously be interested in what’s in it for them, but perhaps the greatest benefit is “Supporting the cause”, which requires no more action than paying a subscription, and becomes a personal benefit when naturism is ‘better’ as a result of BN’s work. Everyone likes to feel they’re “doing their bit”. Members say they get more out of their membership the more they do.

Getting new people into naturism and making British Naturism stronger is in everybody’s interest and we hope to see great success for this initiative.

If you have any queries please contact me.

Earn a £10 reward for each person you recruit

Many people in membership of our clubs are also BN members, but a great many are not - and BN would like them to come on board. Club members, officers and committees can  spread the word about the initiative and will get £10 for each new member recruited from their ranks.

Individual members
A reward of £10 will also be paid to an individual BN member for each person they recruit – naturists and newcomers alike. There is no limit to how much can be earned - recruiting three people would effectively mean your own membership is free. If every member recruited just one person, BN’s funds would double.

Terms and conditions:

1. The offer cannot be combined with any other membership initiative offer that we may be running.

2. The reward will only be paid to full members of BN and only for recruiting people who have never been a member of BN or allowed their membership to lapse at or before the end of 2007. The reward will not be paid for anyone who was a member last year, but has not yet renewed.

3. IMPORTANT! BN cannot pay the reward retrospectively. The name of the club or individual claiming the reward must be entered on the application form (whether that be a paper form or online) at the time of joining.

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