New Zealand Body Art Awards

The New Zealand Body Art Awards Show is a spectacular extravaganza showcasing the talent and creative excellence of New Zealand's youth, graduates and professionals in this exciting and diverse art form.

This year’s ‘Fantasia Asia’ theme brought a rich flavour of colour, music and dance whilst working with the vision and imagination of the talented artists and models.

The New Zealand Body Art Show 2009 featured the ever popular Hand Painted, Special Effects and World of Fluorescent categories plus a new interpretation of own culture in the Maori Myths & Fantasies section.

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i thinks that this art work is like a abstract type painting, the techniques that the painter used was, the collisions of the colors, the colors that he/she put was in a way i think is very good, because the colors are attacking each other. the elements and principals that the painter used are, line,shape,form,unity,space. i think these are the ones because the painter showed all these things and as well making it obvious. i think this was a great piece because the colors makes me feel good in a way, its really good to look at. Some thing to improve on is to lessen the green because it looks like that the green is dominant, but i would rather like it if all the colors are even.

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