The Fourth Plinth

In London's Trafalgar Square sculptor Antony Gormley is creating an unusual artwork. Every hour, 24 hours a day, for 100 days without a break, different people occupy the plinth and do as they like. The occupants have been selected at random from thousands of applicants. Needless to say a number of people have decided to spend their time on the plinth naked or nearly so. The reactions of the crowds and the authorities tell us a great deal about attitudes to nudity in Britain in 2009.

Kath: July 23, 10pm

Kath did an amazing dance performance covered in body paint.

LilacBonzai: July 28, 10am

LilacBonzai wore a variety of outfits including a female carnival costume, an 'Angel of the North' outfit, a golden burka and his birthday suit

Simon M 1: August 12, 1am

Simon was only naked for a short while as the Metropolitan Police insisted that he put some clothes on. It turned out later that they had exceeded their powers as it is not an offence to be simply naked in the UK.

Susanna_M: August 21, 7pm

Susanna said before her turn "I would dearly like to be able to sit, modestly, naked, for my hour." and that's just what she did – beautifully - in a classic life model pose.

Venus_di_Vetro: August 24, 3pm

This performer is a professional glass artist and used some of her own art work to cover parts of her body.

jug: August 30, 2pm

Justin Holwell stripped and stood naked for his hour on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. A passing ex-detective, Mark Williams-Thomas, wasn't happy however and complained to the police saying that his wife and children were "annoyed and upset". Fortunately by now the police had taken the trouble to look up the relkevants laws and discovered that nudity is not illegal provided no obscenity is committed.

Hopefully the ex-detective and his family didn't seek refuge in the nearby National Gallery, which overlooks the square and is packed full of artworks featuring nudes, murders and torture.

JoshB: August 30, 10pm

Josh surprised even himself when he decided to go naked on the plinth. He said "We're all born naked, we're surrounded by galleries filled with naked paintings and statues in the close vicinity, and the idea that the human form as part of an art project should somehow be offensive to other people, of whatever age, is incomprehensible to me."

TiffanyOben: September 1, 4am

Tiffany Oben was the first fully nude female performer on the plinth. Her performance was a metamorphosis of gender, from male to female using costume and masquerade.

Gunter: September 3, 2pm

Gunter stripped off towards the end of his varied performance and jumped into the net surrounding the plinth.

Amy_W: September 18, 2pm

Amy wore only body paint and a g-string.

Snezbit: September 20, 3pm

Snezbit spent his hour promoting the Boy Scout movement before removing his clothes near the end. Unfortunately the part where he stands naked has been censored by One & Another so we have had to use this black & white image which someone kindly sent to us.

Naomi_M: September 21, 12pm

Naomi McDonald, a dancer from Stringfellows lapdancing club, spent her hour posing with a pole and shaking her bare breasts, dressed in high heels and black knickers.

Mashman: September 29, 1am

Mashman struck the pose of Rodin's 'The Thinker'.

Lady-Godiva: September 30, 5am

Lady Godiva arrived nude on the platform with her rocking horse. During her performance she held up a placards which raised important issues about society's attitudes to our bodies.

Sean_R: October 2, 6pm

Sean_R wore a variety of fairly ordinary outfits including his birthday suit

Suzanne_P: October 7, 9pm

Suzanne has been a naturist for 33 years and runs a naturist club and magazine. During her nude performance she took calls on Skype from the public. Suzanne has appeared nude on TV in the past so she felt quite relaxed about the appearance – althogh she did admit to being scared of heights.

Trafalgus: October 9, 12pm

Trafalgus arrived nude on the plinth and did a variety of things from taping silver foil to the top of the plinth through to covering himself with white and then brown powder.

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We've made a gallery of some of our naked plinthers - this way!

I have been so bewlidreed in the past but now it all makes sense!

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