Oakwood Club

Oakwood Club
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Minnesota's Best Nudist Resort
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Sam is gone! Richard is hardly there anymore! There is a variety of activities, something usually every Saturday from Memorial Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. It is a nice quiet place to rest, relax and have fun. Yes our pool is small and old, but they are in the process of getting a new pool in the next few years. Generally we try to include everyone and give you the feeling of family.

OK, Kenneth's review is old. I have been to Oakwood (and Avatan) several times this summer. I love Oakwood! The people are so welcoming and friendly. The pool is smaller than Avatan, but it is clean. I like the grounds and clubhouse at Oakwood better than Avatan. John's review is old too. There are activities almost every weekend. 1st of Aug there is a car show.
Are you going to run into a "Richard"? Possibly. But your going to run into a "Richard" no matter where you go.
Don't let Kenneth and John's opinion sway you. Oakwood is very nice. Nice grounds, but even nicer people.

Now, now, looks like the previous two comments were made by mere mortals looking for a bit of drama. To clarify : no one person runs Oakwood, it is run by the members/committees and board. It is a peaceful retreat where you can find quiet respite, or express your creative talents and abilities in a community. There are people from all walks of life. People generally avoid topics or attitudes that could cause distress or disharmony. The talents and teamwork required to operate the club are impressive. When visitors walk the grounds they are pleased by the beauty of the landscape, the hard work of members adding new facilities and the respectful and fun atmosphere reflected throughout. I have known this community for fifteen years and have found it an indispensible antidote to the stresses of everyday life.

The grounds are quite run down and there were no activities going on.
The few people that were on the grounds were not very friendly. We met an old man they called Sam. He acted like he owned the place. He was with some older woman with glasses that asked us to play volleyball. She was so nosy. She wanted to know everything about us. It felt like an interrogation. We never did see volleyball being played.
Did I mention there pool was non functional?

More like the WORST nudist club in MN. It's a run down dump and the pool is disgusting. Oakwood club is not a real club. It's a trailer court with a volleyball court run by a guy named Richard there who is the biggest A-hole you'll ever meet. He trys to act like he's king of the trailer court. Disgraceful and hilarious at the same time, depending on where you're standing. You can't even enjoy yourself there, because Richard is constantly blabbing about what fox news said last night. If you want a GOOD nudist club in minnesota, try Avatan. Don't say I didn't warn you :) Cheers!

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