Lake O’ The Woods Club

Lake O’ The Woods Club
1353 Sager Road
IN 46383
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  • Open 12 May - 22 Sep
  • Near river/lake

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Bob G
I love this place. What I come for is the peacefulness I experience every time I’m there. The people that I meet are wonderful, I often have conversations with them. The feeling of nudity there is not sexual in the least, it is no judgement of body types and no one cares what you do and how much money you make it's what’s in your heart that matters.
It’s a great place to go to just for the day, I come here often.

I have been going to Lake O' The Woods several times a year since 2008. My only regret is not knowing about this place earlier. I have been to other naturist camps, but this one is tops. Great fishing too!!!!

Hi there, my wife and I enjoyed many visits to your club,whether Chicago sun club members, AANR members, knowing George and the late Carol Morrison. Unfortunately, due my wife;s health, leg problems,and now using a walker, our visits may end. We have had many good times.

David S
Lake 'o the Woods is an idyllic place. In the two times that I have been here, I felt very welcomed, and the experience was totally relaxing. I did not want to leave. I did not see anything like what the "former member" described.

Thinking about becoming a memeber
This is a great place to visit, everyone was very friendly and inclusive. On weekends, there's a good game of water volleyball. There are also several piers onto a beautiful lake that are great for reading or napping. Very family-friendly with a variety of ages, ethnicities and body types.

Thinking about becoming a member
Lake O' The Woods is full of friendly warm people who never fail make us feel welcome. We usually drive down from Chicago for the day a few times each summer, and take advantage of the shady grassy beach of the idyllic lake, swimming and kayaking, and hiking around the lake on the woodsy hiking trail. The pool is sparkly, clean and lovely, as is the new hot tub. Please ignore that so-called "former member" who probably was asked to leave for inappropriate behavior; creepy people are not allowed to stay on the grounds, keeping it feeling like a very safe haven for single women and kids. If you are interested in experiencing a day free of clothes, this would be a great place to do so in the company of like-minded people.

This was a very nice place to visit, the people were very friendly. I visited with my wife and 3 toddlers, this is a nice place for the family. Do not believe the other review, I didn't see any of that on my visit there, no one drank, no one was staring, no one made rude comments. Very nice people.

former member
This is a terrible place to visit. Very cliqueish, rude people, men stare at the girls, make obscene comments on what they look like. The pasttimes seem to be trying to hook up with any and everyone the men can, drinking is the number one priority for most. People get very drunk at the get togethers, in front of children. A group of people sit at the pool and drink all day making comments about others. Men seem to think it is ok to urinate wherever they want to. This place should be closed down.

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