Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies

Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies
PO Box 68843
WA 98168-0843
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The Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies is a community of ordinary people sharing family naturist values. We support the primary human-right of simply being human as originally designed.
As an original member of the club and current President, I would describe The SLUGS as a fun group of people that enjoy going to scenic locations and anywhere with a hot-tub. Our pot lucks are incredible, and we tend to turn every event into a potluck.  

With a club of 150+ members, we enjoy supporting the landed clubs in the region, as well as doing our own events. We focus on finding new businesses with nude-recreation opportunities and new destinations for picnics, hiking, camping, and retreats. Given the diversity in ages and abilities, we try to do a little of everything.

It is an all volunteer organization, which keeps the cost low. And you get discounts on joining the national organizations: AANR and TNS.

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