Our Haven Nature Sanctuary

Our Haven Nature Sanctuary
10847 Spencer Hollow Road
French Lick
IN 47432
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Lat: 38.5563 - Lon: -86.72321
Nudist friendly Sanctuary with a Clothing Optional area. Some festivals may be entirely clothing optional. Some trails are open to nude hiking.
  • Area 71 hectares
  • WiFi

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I have been there at least a dozen times and each time it's magical.

Dan Collester
I have been going to Our Haven for 5+ years and I felt a wonderful welcome as we arrived. There is a sign as you pull in that reads "Welcome Home" and as I got to meet some of the folks there I learned that they truly want you to feel that this is a home away from home for anyone that wants it. The land is very beautiful and plenty of trails to hike and a creek that runs through the middle that depending on the weather makes a nice place to skinny dip. There is lots of festivals through out the year, but if you just want to relax and camp, the site have plenty of room and the shower house is one of the best I have seen, Its very rare to run out of hot water. I have met friends here that I will keep for life. I highly recommend Our Haven to everyone.

Dave White
Our Haven can be summed up in one word: HOME

Rustic camping, unlimited woodlands and great people. No fancy frills, but who needs em?

Highly recommend!

I have been going to Our Haven for 3 years and fell in love the first hour I was there. Nothing more magical or embracing than the love felt here!

Sharon Rose
I fell in love with Our Haven the very first time I went in 2009. I now visit frequently and every time I am there, I want to stay...forever!It is home away from home for me, and everyone else I know who has ever been there!

Craig King
For those who live in the busy hustle and bustle of a big city will truly find Our Haven to be a place of complete tranquility. When you visit the festivals and other sponsored events of Our Haven not only are the Founders, Members and guest truly genuine and free spirited you instantly feel that this is where you belong. Even the sign to the entrance after the gate says Welcome Home. Indeed! I live in a city of around a million people. I am always in a hurry and watching my watch. At Our Haven for me time almost is non existent. This is a place for me to get away and become not just a member of Our Haven but a part of the magic and life force that surrounds me in the Forrest. I have just spent a month there and will recommend to anyone that needs to get away from the kayos of their busy life and get back to who you really are, Visit Our Haven!

Michele Griffin
You won't find a swimming pool with umbrellas and fruity drinks at Our Haven. There's no shuffleboard court, and no crowded bars. What will you find then? A million stars overhead, crickets singing in the dark, a warm campfire and good company. This is a wonderful place to get back to nature, just as nature made you. The "staff" at Our Haven goes out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need. They are friendly and accepting, and even total strangers soon feel like family. My husband and I first visited last summer. We came in on a Tuesday, and stayed through for a weekend festival. There's a reason a sign at the entrance says "Welcome Home"... By the end of the week, it truly did feel like home to us. We plan on going back regularly, both for the wonderful company and to enjoy nature in the nude.

Greg Fultz
Our Haven is such a magical place I visited back in 2006 and stayed for a week long festival and it was nothing short of amazing the grounds are well kept and they have a lot of activities for everyone. It's a great place to escape and really enjoy nature at it's finest. The place was so comforting and friendly that It was the first time that I had been in a Nudist friendly location so I shed my clothes and enjoyed every minute of the nudist lifestyle. There is truly nothing like walking around in this nature sanctuary free from all stress and worries and clothes! Highly Recommended!


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