Indiana Naturists

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Indiana Naturists is the only non-landed club in Indiana affiliated with AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation). We strive to make wholesome nude recreation affordable for everyone. $20/y

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I am a widowed older man, when I found Indiana Naturists I was so happy because I have been a nudist for some time, but was looking for people to go and do things with and make new friends.

After joining, Chris sent me a welcome email and was so very helpful in making me feel welcome.

I went to a meeting and was so over whelmed at all the smiling and friendly faces. I was made so very welcome and had a real good time playing games and eating together. Going to the summer monthly meetings was something I looked forward to and when I had a conflicting schedule, I was disappointed and felt like I missed out on something.
That was last year and this year I do plan on going to the get to gathers and making sure I don't have other things so as not to miss the fun.

I found all Indiana Naturists members of good morale and very respectful. I was worried a bit because I am older and old isn't so pretty, but truthfully I think all they saw was my smile, I know that is what I saw and I felt so very welcome.

I would recommend anyone who has any thoughts and wants of enjoying the world nude, to join and become a member, the dues are so reasonable and we do have fun. I have yet to meet everyone on a one on one basis, but those I have I am looking forward to this year, I really like the camping outings. My game speed is horse shoes and bean bag thingy game, but if you are young and love to play volleyball and other sports naked, this is sure a good place to find friends that love the outdoors and enjoy life the natural way, naked.

I hope you will consider joining, I am an newbie, but I know all club members will make you feel so very welcome weather you have been a naturalist for years or just a want-to-be and need a starting place.


Indiana Naturists is a great group of fun people. They have a good mix of couples, singles, men & women, and ages. Their gatherings are low pressure and the members are always willing to answer questions and offer guidance to new nudists.

They are a great way for singles to get social nude time too since most clubs don't allow singles or only allow a small number of them. Singles are always allowed at their sponsored gatherings as long as you are a member. They can often times get singles in to resorts when traveling with the group as well.

If you are looking for a safe group to join for social nude recreation, Indiana Naturists is it. Their website is a great resource for nudists and their gatherings are a lot of fun. They also adhere to AANR's standards for wholesome nude recreation so safety and comfort quickly becomes a non-issue.

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