Walney Island Beach

Walney Island Beach
Lat: 54.14789 - Lon: -3.27133
Nude bathing is unofficially accepted at the far northern extreme of the island.

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Heading there tomorrow never anyone there, hardly a nudist beach. Only ever seen one other man no women at all

A lovely place to remove clothing, sunbathe or a walk around. I was there last summer and one or two clothed people passed who were obviously used to seeing naked people. Just be aware if you walk to the very northern point to the 'channel' side there is a camera in an elevated position in Barrow that scans the airfield but also takes in this part of the beach. Its a private aviation enthusiast. Search = Black Combe weather cam. Anyone can access it to scan this beautiful area

After a good walk from west shore mobile homes park heading north with sand dunes on the right hand side you arrive at north walney a deserted area with bathing . could do with more females mostly males well worth a try

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