Oakwood Sun Club

Oakwood Sun Club
07960 109041
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Lat: 51.62206 - Lon: 0.22837
A small friendly members' club with private grounds of 5.5 acres of mixed woodland situated 5km from Romford and Brentwood.
  • Area 2.2 hectares
  • Swimming pool

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I feel I must put Gary right on his understanding of Oakwood Sun Club's rules on Single people.
Oakwood Sun Club is a Family Members club so, keeping this in mind, we have, when available, 10 places for single men and 10 places for single women. This is done to keep an even number of single people at any one time.
Sadly we don't get very many requests from single women. Equally as sad is the fact that we get many, and I mean many, requests from single men.
If we were to accept every request from every single man, we would rapidly become a men only club.
I think you see my point!
Also, amplifying your last comment “Not all single men are pervs!” is something that does not factor in our acceptance of membership from single men at all. Nor does it factor in our acceptance of membership from single women either. If we discover, after acceptance of membership, that a person has the wrong intensions regarding Naturism, be they single man, single woman or a family member, they will have their membership revoked and made to leave and never return.
This reply is not intended to cause upset or hold any discriminatory value.
Regards, Bob (PRO and Membership for Oakwood Sun Club)


Shame that even with fast falling membership they still do not accept single men, not in my opinion the best way to strengthen the club and indeed the lifestyle, not all single men are pervs!

I am the PRO for Oakwood Sun Club and I have been, for the last year.
I have never had the nerve to become a naturist until two years ago when I found Oakwood on the Internet. I was both intrigued and nervous about visiting a naturist club but I bit the bullet and kept a visiting appointment.
I could not believe how friendly, accepting and understanding they all were. They were all naked and because of this I felt relaxed enough to remove my clothes. I have had no qualms or misgivings about joining this club and regard the members so highly that I felt I had to give something in return so; here I am now, the PRO for the club shouting their praise as praise they deserve.
I have never met a more friendly and sociable group of people in my whole 62 years.
Thank you Oakwood!!!

ok I am a member of oakwood sun club We must be the friendliest place on earth nice grounds good club house and something going on all year and we welcome visitors See our website.

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