Abbey House Gardens

Abbey House Gardens
The Abbey House
SN16 9AS
01666 822212
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Lat: 51.585 - Lon: -2.09728
Abbey House is famous for it's 'Naked Gardeners' Ian & Barbara Pollard. They hold a number of clothes optional days each year.

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Richard Packer
I've been attending the clothing optional days since 2014, when by happenstance
I moved to the West Country. Picking up free literature at Melksham tourist information centre, I was amazed & delighted when I found Barbara & Ian's leaflet.
I knew nothing about The Naked Gardeners, because between 1992 and 2013 I had no access to a television.
If I could find all my diaries from 2014, they would show how many times I've visited the gardens. The number of times is directly proportional to how much I love what I (& other people, probably), call The Garden of Eden. There are nude couples and apple trees.
If I had a partner, we would pose as the world's first couple, with an apple!
Saying that, it gives me an idea for a bit of performance art on the last two days that will be clothing optional, on 22nd August and 19th September, 2021.
Yes, it's ending!
It's reported the new owner of the gardens has plans, that would preclude clothing optional days.
If anyone wants to discuss my Idea about the 'performance art' I have in mind, please contact me.

Nora Geist
The gardens are breathtaking and the mix of naturists and textiles is absolutely brilliant. Everyone acted as though there was no difference. Definitely worth visiting the gardens alone many times, but the experience of going for a clothing optional date is more intriguing.

Seamus Crowe
Well I know loads of people who have been and say that the gardens and mixing with textiles as an optional naturist works well. The gardens are worth visiting in any case so as a keen gardener with 3 acres to make into a garden it will be interesting to see what they have done with 5!

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