Golden Sands Beach, Karpaz

Golden Sands Beach, Karpaz
Northern Cyprus (Turkish Cyprus)
Lat: 35.64301 - Lon: 34.54981

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Hi. Only thing I can say negative about this beach is the road. It's getting worse and worse.

As a fat guy, I love to go naked there.

Beach is still deserted, Nude signboard has been removed. Barefooting is still available at west part of huge sandy beach. During my visit at 2021 there are a two nudist couple and one group (4 person) was there on first day and 3 couple and same group on second day. Also i saw two tent. I think that group were stay there for night. Beach is wide and long so, you can easily keep distance between everyone.During my visit i and my boyfriend was nude all time. Nobody bothered us during day. Everybody was enjoy by theirself. I think this beach is one of the perfect place for nudist without peepers. I don't know why nobody knows yet. Beach and sea are nice and sandy.
There are no parasol, water source or cafe. Sun was really hot and there are no any natural shade. You have to bring own supplies and don't forget collect your garbage before left. This beach like heaven.

Since Tekos and the other wonder beachside hotel restaurants were shut down for allegedly being illegal the beach has deteriorated, including, as others have mentioned, the nudist beach sign has been removed. However, for those prepared to walk over the little hill to the western side of the beach you should still be ok naked. Be ready to rush into the sea or have a towel close by if Headscarf wearing families happen by, but this is really unlikely.

As with all nudist beaches there will be men there to ogle, but unless you are a woman alone this is not usually an issue. Couples maybe making love in the sea and on the beach as you go further away from the hill, but it is so far from the car parking area that it is not a problem for those that do not approve. Most will cover up if you continue to walk up to them.

I hope this beach doesnt change anymore. It was always the jewel of Cyprus largely because of the sense of freedom and fun of this beautiful sanding beach with crystal clear sea.

In 2017 April.
Beach still deserted. Burhan's and Teko's bungalows not available for rent because of the law regulation of North Cyprus. Government does not allow any building for this beach. So nudism still possible. There is lots tourist bus stopping for 1 hour between 1130 to 1430. People loves walking and some of them walk until big sand dunes which is known as nudist section. But there is no any disturbance.

I have been going to this beach for a couple of years. Yesterday was my first trip for 2017and there are a few disturbing indicators that this may no longer be naturist friendly. Last year the Beach huts at the entrance to the beach were closed down, ad are now in very bad disrepair. The sign warning about nudity has been painted over, and has a spray painted exclamation mark on it. Coach loads of German tourists were loading and unloading there all day. They were not beach-goers, not even with beach gear, but seemed to be a quick stop from some tour companies, where the coach unloaded, they walked up and down the beach for half an hour and then left. Myself and my guest were the only people nude at the far west of the beach. And although it was early in the season, it didn't feel as comfortable as in previous years. So be warned, this may be the closing down of this site as a nudist beach.

Any one in north Cyprus mid to end of September may try this beach first time nudist

At 2016 June i visited to Karpaz Golden Beach. It takes 2,5Hrs drive from Girne. No public transportation available. Some hotels make daily tour to Karpaz. Renting car possibble at least 3 day.(This is the common rules at North Cyprus)
From Girne to Karpaz village road pretty good. Just be carreful for speed trap along the road. Last 12-15 km is more dirty road, so you can drive more slow. During the road you can google maps or navigator or just follow Karpaz/Dipkarpaz road sign. Last 12-15km you can easily see Burhan’s Bungalow or Teko’s Bungalows signs.
Free parking available at both place. Park your car and follow beach sign. At the beginning of beach there is an information sign “Nude sunbather can be seen beyond this point” Beach is sandy and long. Left side is commonly use by textiles. If you want to skinny dipping go right side of beach.
First week of June 2016 at first day there is one Turkish couple and one single guy as nude. At second day one tourist couple use the beach as nude.
Karpaz is excellent place for first timers, couples and all nudist. There is a facilities around bungalows for food and drink. I suggest bring your own supplies including umbrella.
Some long walkers can be seen after 1500, but there is no need cover or hide them. Some walkers turn, some of them proceed but not disturb anybody.
I visited several nude beach at different country. This beach rank 4/5 stars. One star only absence of facilities.

Last week i went there at friday morning firstly i look around and went to the right side of the beach i was totally alone i took off my clothes and sunbath and swim for a while after i was turn back to the main beach it was 1 pm and there was nearly 10 people coming i saw a gay couple and a middle age british couple totally nude at the main beach so i took of my short again after a while a tourist group has come when they saw us 2 couples took off their clothes too and the others not care anymore about that it was really great day .the beach was like a real nudist camp

This beach is perfect for nudists and first-timers. Nobody bothers you. When you spot people in a distance, just put some towel not to get them offended. Since 2007, I regularly visit this beach and I cannot say that I ran into any problem or improper situation. One thing you MUST do is to keep and leave CLEAN the beach. Plus, please mind the turtle nests -- especially tags over the nests.

Last year me and my male friend went to long sandy beach so many times.We love to swim naked and this is the place to be.There is another beach followed to public beach which is not nice as the public one but you are more free and natural there..We will definitely looking forward to experience it this year.

I read reviews here at this site. Decided to try my first nudist skinny dipping and sunbath. I was in north cyprus for an educational meeting. It was untill noon and every afternoon I was free for four days long. Went there with a one and a half hour slow driving from Magosa. Walk to the next sandy beach from the main beach area. There were three gorups (total 10 people most) nude. Find a place at the middle and took off my short. I was exited. Did not look anybody else run in to water. When I was in water a guy(aloso nude) asked me about the water temperature , I said not too warm but ok. When we are talking I walked out of the water. The other guy walk to his friends and they olsa try water fun. I spend time for three days afternoon and I was a nudist.People are coming with swimming suits and t-shirts ,after seing other , taking off clothes. Is a very suitable area for first timers , because not crowded. I will try to find time and will come this summer again with my wife. She will be also a first timer.

It was really a heaven. We find there for looking a nudist beach near Turkey. At the blog reviews the sound was good an decided to visit. while spending a holliday at Bafra , KKTC with a rental car we (Me, my husbant and my 17 year old sister) arived the beach. There were two small camps at the middle back of the long side(all you can see first) of the beach. The date was 30th. of April and there were mostly 20 peaple at all 4km long beach. We asked some camper guys about nude sunbating and swim. They told as it wont be problem for anybody but today you will be first nudists here. May be the others can follow you about take off their swimsuits or not. But after the end of beach as see now, you will see the next paradise beach were you can also be nude. And if there are onather peaple there they would be nude too.So walked there for ten minutes and got over a sand hill , was looking beatifull. Yes there were people far away. And we walked away. The first couple , when we get near about 100 meters got out of water and sat down. As we are passing them I saw that they are nude in towels but covered in hurry because of us. We were stil in swimsuits and t-shirts. After passing them about 50 meters and 100 to the next couple my husband said here is ok , its the time. Yes laidies first. My husband saw my sister topless before at a Turkish bat in Alanya and olso she saw him tatolly nude at the same plece and hotel room.Me and my husband Murat took off our swimsuits at the same time , then I took of my sisters top. She told may be after some time She can take her bottom off. We all run in to water , ıt was great feeling of freedom. Then got off from the water sand layed on the sand. Now the two couples at our both side start to stand and swim nude comfortably when they saw us hude. After 40-50 minutes a small seemed from the sand hill. We never mined. Arter a long walk ,they arrived and passed us about 20 meters. Throw down their bags and this wery young 4 girl , 1 boy group get naked. The day was going good. I told my sister that she is ony one person wearing a bikini at the beach. I said we are going in to water and when came back dont want to see you with your bikini bottom. She did what I say , and joined us in the water. We played for a while an got out. The young group started to play frisby and one the girls came to us and asked if my sister play with them and she joıned.WOW they were Turkish like us. We walked about 1 km long with Murat ... really a great day. And then next day we were there again nude but alone for all day long. Had some erotic experience at water unfotunately could not at sand because of my sister.
I can say ,the place is exacly clear and pure nudist area.

This place is paradise for naturists, you can swim, sunbathe au natural without any disruption. the area near the huge sand hill is especially where all the naturists gather. It is a 15 minute walk from the main entrance to the beach on the right. Fantastic...

This beach is one the of the "untouched" places where
you can completely free free and relaxed.

As stated above, Turkish people and locals are tolerant
about nudist people. However, what gives trouble is guys
constantly strolling around the beach.

So, before 11:00 or 11:30, during weekdays, this beach
is perfect for skinny dipping.

Northern Cyprus is Turkish controlled and can be reached either from Turkey or from Southern side of Cyprus (Greek Side) as long as you provide a valid passport at the Turkish border of Norhtern Cyprus. At the border you can provide car insurance either for a day/month/year which is compulsary if you decide to use a personal or rented car from the Greek Side. As Northern side is not recognized by international law meaning that tourists can not take direct flights to the Northern Side (Can only be reached Via Turkey or Southern Cyprus)

Follow the road to golden sands beach and take the right turn to Tekos's Place which serves bed and breakfast. Follow the footpath to the beach and you are welcomed by a sign saying that you can encounter nude sunbathers around the beach. Nevertheless the main beach area near the cafe is textile and the nudist zone is on the far right end of the beach about 300 meters away from the main entry to the beach where there is a huge sand dune. There you can shed your clothes comfortably as none of the locals or families bother to walk there and you hardly encounter other people.

We visited this beach at the last leg of our holiday and I must admit that this is the best place for some skinny dipping and nude sunbathing. Water is crystal clear and the beach is very clean.

We shed our clothes there comfortably where we were soon joined by a young Italian couple who also went naked when they understood that we weren't wearing swimming suits under our towels that we covered in case we didn't wanna offend them. We also had a chit chat where they explained us that they were there to observe caretta caretta turtles which visit the beach to lay eggs. Later on during the afternoon we were joined by another couple and a family who went naked at the moment they saw us three couples sunbathing in the nude. Overall this place is heaven for some naked swimming and strolling just make sure that you cover up when you spot someone over the distance in case they are just there for a stroll rather than sunbathe in the nude. However we have been told that Turkish people and locals are quite tolerant about nudity especially when they know you are a tourist. We give this beach 10 out of 10 as there is huge place to spread around and it is known fact around that beach that people walk at the far right side of the beach mainly for nude sunbathing. Although its not an official nude beach, far end of the beach is treated like that

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