Umhlanga Beach

Umhlanga Beach
Lat: -29.70808 - Lon: 31.09832
Unofficial beach but the lagoon end of the beach is often used by nudists.

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Overall, we had a lovely time.. will definitely be back there soon...

Great beach. Closer to me than Mpenjati, and more places to hide if the wind picks up. Can be annoying with tesxtiles/fishermen/perves lurking around. Couple regulars there most weekends, always nice to see new folks too. For those who don't know the exact location, it's easy. Head to Umhlanga beach, any really but Hawaan or Breakers is the closest. Then walk North to the Lagoon. The Nudist area is in the dunes South of the Lagoon or the dunes to the North. Just be careful of the tides. The lagoon mouth can be closed in the morning, and crazy with waves in the afternoon.

Hey Guys we are a young couple and really want to start going to this beach and chill and meet couples there while we relax. Please advise as to how to get to the beach and when is any of u guys going so maybe we could be shown where to go??

Hi there,
We use to visit the beach on a regular basis. But it seams to me it can be "unsafe" at times. I heard that people were harassed by police. I hope this can became an official naturist beach.
Have a great day

I think, we'll be sticking to naturist resorts than going to this beach, too many intruders and pervet fishermen. There was lots of men and lots of gay men who were fondling each other, which mad it a bit uncomfortable to strip down.

we are a married couple who often go down to the Lagoon,we are also tired and fed up with all the perverts.We sit on the Ballito side of the lagoon,we try to encourage more couples to do the same and sit closer by but not to be too intrusive.This may discourage the perverts and hopefully make it a more comfortable place for couples and genuine single males.Hopefully we'll see more people down ther when the sun is shining!!

Lau & Nix
To the couple that we met on saturday morning, thanx for the chat
Pity we had leave due to the single male pervs sitting behind us starring. Is there really nothing we can do to separate couples from these okes?

Hi everyone,
I'm a 'single' married guy. I've been to the lagoon twice. Its great to strip down and sit in the sun, and a beautiful location too. Its a pity there are so many pervs. I've taken my wife down but she feels unsafe and insecure. Our SA women are rightfully nervous about safety and its for this reason that men outnumber the ladies. I feel a bit of an intruder going down on my own. Itd be nice to be with others and socialise. I'll go back again tho, for sure.

Well, this morning was my very 1st experience at the lagoon, was a bit sceptic as I was alone and being male, I thought it would not be a good idea. I decided what the heck, I only live once :) got there at a about 08:45, and there was only a fellow male in the nude, that just calmed the nerves, after about an hour a few couples and single guys game around, all greeted and it was wonderful. P.S not all single men out there are pervs, we enjoy the naturist aspect just as much. Will definitely return

Hi everyone. 'm so pleased to find something on the net. We myself and wife use to travel as far as JNB, to a naturist Resort, spend R800 per night, just to live out our lifes in the nude.

Can someone pls inform me when the safest time will be to be there? Also when we surrounded with fellow Nudists. Would love to meet some couples. With the same interest not the single guys only. Sorry no offence to al the gentlemen. I started off alone aswell


We go to the nudie part of the beach most weekends and also in the week and have found no problems at all. Great bunch of people down there we just wish more couples would enjoy the beach as sometimes it can be quite male orientated. Overall we really enjoy it and have had many a good time there and we've made some great friends.

Fellow Nudi
Afternoon All

Just a warning about the unofficial Umhlanga Lagoon nudi beach. The Umhlanga Beach Lifeguards are starting to harrass nudi tanners. They are threatening to start raids with metro police, etc. They say they are getting numerous complaints and have to take action!

However, there is a supposed court challenge, to have this beach declared a nudist beach. Does anyone know about that aspect?

Fellow Nudi

I will be visiting Durban next week after sailing to South Africa . I am from England and looking forward to visiting the nude beach . Would love to meet up with any couples / singles .... Cheers ...

I visited the lagoon today for the first time and nobody in site...I just wanted to visit this place for the thrill of being a naturist...however I wasn't sure if this was a legal thing...possibly if there was a sign like "entering nudist beach" then this will keep the curious least 500m from the area... and the like minded people in one area..

I visit the beach once and walk to the lagoon and saw no fellow nudists,it was only me.I Drop my swimming trunks and cool off at a between rock's in the sea. I felt lonely,uncertain and bit scared,i left fastWere was all the Corey,Brad,Kobus,Lance,Joe,Deon and Lisa when i was visiting the beach.

I agree with Corey we need more places legal.

I have just come back from spending an absolute incredible day on Lagoon Beach. To the voyeur who scaled the barrier on the M4 and spend most of the morning in the bush I would just like to say, come onto the beach buddy. You can view us from much closer! Why go through all the effort of walking a couple of kilometres on the M4? Or are you up to something in the bush? To the lady in the red top and denim shorts, I hope your cell photo is clear! Why didn't you rather walk up to me and take a photo from close up. I would have posed for you! A picture of me coming out of the water must have been smaller than a thumbnail!! To the PMB couple, it was an honour meeting you, glad that couples of my age make full use of the beach. I hope to see you there soon! What absolutely brave and amazing people you are. To the net fishermen (kids) I hope you realise what you are doing is illegal! A pity the parks board did not take action. The weather at this time of the year is incredible, I recommend it folks, let's have more of you there!

I went there earlier this year, I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was new for me and i cant wait for another moment.

I sincerely hope Deon and Lisa were not put off by the perverts! Is there absolutely nothing one can do to get rid of these people. I too, visit the beach as a single male, but usually make sure that I am well distanced from everyone else, so as not to offend anyone. Sadly, not everyone is fortunate enough to bring a female partner along, but that does not take away the joy of naturism. I feel that if most people observed the simple priciples of nudism, the lagoon would become a better place for all! How about starting a petition!

Deon and Lisa
We were looking for a nudist beach and we googled it and found umhlanga beache at the end of the lagoon to be it.
We went there trough the lagoon and found a spot in the dunes,there was a couple in the distance but we had to keep our eyes open for the single perverts males walking past looking for a cheap thrill,that was a kind of a upset but then afterwards we left but the short time we spend there was very nice.We will do that agian hopefully there will be more couples next time.MALE and FEMALE

Its a realy nyc place to go to to get a full tan....... can't get enough of it....

Further to my last note on 20.03, yes females do frequent this little piece of heaven. It was most enjoyable to see such a crowd on the beach on Human Rights Day. Hell it is our right to spend the day on the beach unclothed! Great morning! The wind, yes that blasted wind did pipe up again and (almost) spoilt things! Who was that weirdo in the navy bathers who was intent on checking out each new arrival at close quarters and then ( a few times) proceeded to put his hand in his pants to fondle himself! Is there no one who can protect us against such baltant sexual harassment? By the way, does anyone ever visit this site? Thanks to the people who were there to make it such a memorable morning!

Spent an hour on the beach on Saturday. Pity it was a helluve walk for a very short period of time! As soon as I sat down, well , by the time I sat down the wind had already sand-blasted me. Rubbing suntan on was like applying a fine gain sandpaper to the body! The usual single males paraded past a few times, before the clouds took over and that was that! I obviously should have been there earlier on the day! Will attempt again soon. Oh yes, do any female naturists ever visit the beach regularly?

Well I did go back quite a few times since my last e-mail. My impressions of the beach are favourable. I tend to keep to myself at the best of times, but I did did meet some very pleasant people on the beach. There is undoubtedly, the voyeur element present, people who would walk a 500m deviation just to have a look at you. Well, if it gives them a cheap thrill, so be it! Does anyone know of a movement to make this beach legal? Is there any organisation one could contact? One incident which was memorable was where I was approached by a middle-aged Gauteng couple who walked up to me, lying there tanning in my full nakedness, shimmering in the noon sun, covered in sun-tan lotion, to enquire whether I knew where the famed nudist beach was? Helloooo! They sat down and we had a nice chat. Missus took her top off, but Mister was not up to it. I wonder whether they made any subsequent visits. Here's to many more visits.

Im from dbn and i go as often as i can to the nude Beach in Umhlanga. Its refreshing to relax naked and free. It is a shame that it is so quiet Tho

Spent a glorious morning at Umhlanga'a Lagoon! After all the rain of the past few months it was a pleasure to take my kit off. Pity that so few people make use of this facility. I'll be back soon

this is an nice quiet place at a lagoon. It is also hidden from the elementr and on the edge of a nature reserve

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