Naturist holidays and campsites in Norway

Mauren - Ålesund 

This is an official free beach at the northern shores of Ellingsøyfjorden by Ålesund. Rocky beach well suited for children. The following conveniences are provided: Drinking water, toilet and dustbin.
Kollevågen - Askøy/Bergen 

This official beach is located on the island Askøy outside Bergen. Nice sandy beach, but with sudden depths. Difficult with baby buggies and wheelchairs
Orrestranden - Jæren 

This beach is not officially recognised as a free beach, but it has been used by naturists since the seventies.
Kviljoodden - Lista 

This is an unofficial free beach at Lista, close to Vanse and Farsund. The beach is rarely used by others than naturists due to easier access to textile beaches in the region.
Isefjær Naturist Center 
Isefjær, N-4770 Høvåg
Situated at the very end of a fjord on the south coast of Norway.