Ototoka Beach

Ototoka Beach
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I was north of Kai iwi Beach today, acres of sand and not much of a hike the sea was beautiful.

I have only been here once so far, and I didn't know of it's clothing optional status. However, I stripped off and went for a swim on the main beach. There were only a handful of fishermen down there, it is so vast and I will be heading back over the summer ahead.

A fifteen to twenty-minute walk from the carpark, down a cliff track, across a foot-bridge by a beautiful waterfall and north-west along the main (textile) beach, around a rocky point, brings you to about four kilometres of rugged, natural, clothes-optional beach.
Ototoka Beach has to be one of the West Coast North Island's best kept secrets.
The beach lies below cliffs of fossilised rock, samples of which are abundantly scattered along the black-sand beach. Although it is exposed to the prevailing westerlies, there is abundant shelter behind rocks or in amongst the tussock at the foot of the cliffs.
On a clear day though, Ototoka's pretty much unbeatable. As safe a beach as you could expect on the West Coast, it has perfect breakers for body-surfing. Being black, the sand can get pretty hot, and you need to bring your own shade and water as the only amenities are toilets way back at the car-park.
You share the beach with the occassional fisherman, strollers along the beach (always with a friendly wave) and, at low tide, the odd motor-bike or quad passes through, usually with no more than a passing glance accompanied with a friendly wave.
For anyone interested but a little apprehensive about public nude bathing, Ototoka is the perfect introduction, as its vastness ensures as much (or as little) privacy as you want.
Wanganui City's own by-line could equally be applied to this delightful beach - "Well Worth the Journey!"
P.S. The flag on the Google Map is placed south-east of the car park. This is incorrect - at the bottom of the car park track, you head to the right (north-west) not south-east.

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