FKK in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

FSG Linzgau e.V 
Bachweg 7-9 88693 Deggenhausertal
Textile campsite, with a separate area on the camp Birkenmühle for nudists. The sanitary facilities and swimming pool are in the textile part of the campsite.
Gemeinschaft Licht und Sonne Pforzheim 
Burgstall 25/1 75438 Freudenstein
A small club for recreational sports and family naturism set in the idyllic nature.
Hohenloher Sport und Naturfreunde 
Ofenberg 74420 Oberrot - Ofenberg
Surrounded by meadows and forests, the site has a campground, solar-heated swimming pool, sauna and a modern sanitary building.
Natursportbund Schwäbischer Wald 
Schwäbischer Wald e.V. Tiefenmad 22 71540 Murrhardt - Kirchenkirnberg
The nudist family sports club is in the heart of the natural park Swabian-Franconian Forest in Baden-Württemberg.
BfFS Reutlingen 
Im Gewand 72116 Mössingen-Belsen
Our 4 ha large terrain has 2 smaller fields to play Volleyball, Badminton or Indiaca, a little pool and a few places to play ping-pong.

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