Naturist holidays and campsites in North East France

North East France includes Alsace, Lorraine, Franche-Comte, Champagne Ardenne, Picardie and Nord pas de Calais
Rivière Loue 

This sandbar along the river Loue is about 12 kilometers from Dole, naturists gather a little farther downstream (south).
Natura International 
Rue du Sivry F-59740 Beaurieux
A family association that allows families who adhere to practice naturism in an atmosphere of good company. 21 km south-east of Maubeuge,
Centre Gymnique d'Alsace 
Rue de Pommiers 6 F-67310 Wasselonne
Wasselonne is situated between Strasbourg and Saverne and provides a starting point for numerous excursions.
Club du Soleil de Belfort Montbéliard 

Located at 440 m altitude in an old military fort built in the late XIX century, the area of ​​High Wood fenced and surrounded by lush vegetation.
Club Naturiste de Besançon 
F-25320 Osselle
The Naturist Club of Besançon (CNB) is an association of families who want to practice naturism together.

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