Naturist holidays and campsites in Corsica

Plage du Liamone 

A 2.5-kilometer long beach that is cut in half by the mouth of a small river. Nudity is well established on the northern half of the beach.
Capo di Fino 

Nudity occurs at the far southern end of this remote kilometer-long beach.
Tour de Capitello 

Nudity is common south of Ajaccio's airport (Aéroport de Campo Dell'Oro) at the mouth of the river Prunelli.

This hidden cove, about 300 meters long, is located south of Plage de Tonnara, and nudity is well established here.
Chiappa & Carataggio 

Nicknamed "Tahiti", this is a favourite for nudists in the know. Many visitors to nearby La Chiappa resort visit this beach.

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