Naturist holidays and campsites in Corsica

Plage de Riva-Bella 

Plage de Riva-Bella is next to the naturist resort of Riva-Bella and is open to the public.

From the lagoon (Etang de Bravone), nudity is tolerated over a distance of about 4 kilometers, making it the longest nude beach in Corsica.
Plage du Liamone 

A 2.5-kilometer long beach that is cut in half by the mouth of a small river. Nudity is well established on the northern half of the beach.
Capo di Fino 

Nudity occurs at the far southern end of this remote kilometer-long beach.
Tour de Capitello 

Nudity is common south of Ajaccio's airport (Aéroport de Campo Dell'Oro) at the mouth of the river Prunelli.

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