Lat: 43.47564 - Lon: 4.15871
Espiguette is a beautiful beach with lots of sand and extensive dunes. One of the most popular nude beaches in France.

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I was at this beach in April it was warm but clouded over soon after I got there. It is without doubt a beautiful beach and the forest behind the beach is beautiful to have a naked hike in. But there was a problem mosquitoes!!!!!! I could not find a spot where I could escape them. That when hiking around became more a necessity than a pleasure every time I stopped walking I could feel the blood thirsty bugs landing on me and licking their lips ready to start spiking my skin and do their vampire thing.
Had it been a better weather day I might have been able to go down to lie out at the waters edge but I'll never know I stuck it out for the afternoon but was in no hurry to go back there.

Do the mosquitoes live there all the time or was there something about their breeding season and April?? No one every mentioned this problem when ever I have chatted to other naturists about this beach. The official naturist area is quite short beyond the end of the secure parking (5 Euro a day). Everyone I spoke with told me that naturism is practiced broadly east of the official patch of sand no problem.

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