Cent Marches

Cent Marches
Lat: 43.44929 - Lon: -1.58729
This beach is located below cliffs via '100 steps'. Access can also be gained by walking north from Plage d'Erretegia.

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Matt Barry
This is a lovely beach, the 'hundred steps' no longer exist however, due to erosion, so access is via either Plage de centre or Plage d'Erretegia. I found it from the latter, waiting for the tide to recede, but it can be got to from the south from the busy Plage de Centre, again at low tide. The advantage of this is that if you arrive an hour or so before high tide you have the beach to yourself, plus two or three other naturists, as when the tide rises you're cut off & no-one can enter. However, once the tide recedes the obligatory textile wanderers amble past which I found uncomfortable after a while. One thing to note for those who are not good swimmers - there is quite a drag or current in the sea, not a problem if you're aware of it, but should be noted.

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