Katarina Line - Croatian Small Ship Cruise Specialist

Katarina Line - Croatian Small Ship Cruise Specialist
M. Tita 75/1
+385 51 603 401
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Lat: 45.28262 - Lon: 14.29321
Katarina Line is a small ship cruise specialist on the Adriatic. As a part of our offer we also run special naturist cruises.

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Let me preface this by saying that Croatia is a beautiful country, and we had a great time. We would recommend anyone visiting it. But.... Katarina Line did not deliver on what they promised us when we booked. We wanted a specific advertised sailing and paid the rates for it. When it got cancelled due to a lack of passengers, we were placed on a regular route. The boat was not of the same quality in our opinion, and the room was completely opposite of what we paid for. We expressed concern before sailing, but nothing could be done. The type of room we wanted was not available because other passengers were already in them. We were stuck in a room containing two twin beds on our honeymoon! Also, the prices of the excursions were increased at the last minute (en route to their respective destinations), so we were unable to participate because we only took the money we needed per the booking contract. In spite of this, the captain and crew did a great job making us comfortable during the week because they knew the situation. (Katarina Line does not own the vessel; they contract with the captain for its use.) We also discovered the majority of passengers paid a much lower rate than we did--an average of 300 EUR less. (People talk!) Upon our return to port, we again expressed our concerns. The representatives were not authorized to accommodate us in any way. They would take our concerns to Katarina Line. After several weeks of emails between us and the agency, we were offered a 10% discount on a future sailing. They set it up to make even more money off of us! Not happening! Croatia is a magical place---please visit it sometime. But..do NOT use Katarina Line; there are many other companies that offer cruises of the Croatian islands, and I know they would do a better job in customer service and satisfaction.

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