Go Nude in Costa Rica

Go Nude in Costa Rica
Costa Rica
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Lat: 10.05057 - Lon: -84.14689
Do Something Different at this Tropical Nudist Resort, Couples Only All Inclusive, Adults only, centrally located in Adventure & Eco Friendly CR
  • Area 2.5 hectares
  • Swimming pool
  • Bar
  • WiFi

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Lorena Wilson
Me and my husband have been in a lot of nudist places around the world but this time we decide to do go somewhere else, we needed it a change our marriage was passing a hard time so I decided to Google this: most happy people in the world so in the first page was Costa Rica and start searching about Costa Rica then I realize that of course must to be Costa Rica they do not have an army and is a beautiful green country.

After all my searching about Costa Rica we bought our airplane tickets (in that moment I only wanted a second chance in my marriage).
We decided to stay in a hotel near the airport in San Jose so we stayed at Hotel Desire Costa Rica that advertize in their web page ONLY ADULTS AND COUPLES so what better than that for a second chance?

When we get to the hotel we did not know that was a nudist hotel so when the receptionist told us that my first thought was I AM IN HEAVEN with an amazing views to the central valley you can even smell the romantic air around the hotel, candles everywhere at night, fresh flowers in our room everyday I WAS REALLY IN HEAVEN.

I felt like the hotel was made exactly for second chances, the staff was so kind with us, we did not complain about anything because everything was perfect, the aphrodisiac drinks and food are definitely a plus.

People in Costa Rica are so different probably they have the same problems than people in states but they never stop thinking positive even when you ask them how are you they will answer you PURA VIDA that means pure life, this people make us think how we have to enjoy more our life’s and stop worrying about insignificant problems, is amazing how they make you think that you have to fight for your happiness and is exactly what me and my husband did fight for our relation ship and we gave us a second opportunity and we won the fight , now we are back in our house and we can only think about how good that trip to Costa Rica was for us and how good we expend our non thinking nudist vacations.

What a Great Place!!!!
My husband and me are nudist,and we did not think that we will have a place where we can enjoy being nude in Costa Rica, a friend of us recommend to take a look to Hotel Desire Costa Rica and we did and found the perfect place for us. Beutiful rooms, Excellent Bar and Restaurant, friendly staff. This hotel is close to the Poas Volcano, Canopy, coffee plantations and much more.
Be Free and go nude to Costa Rica.

I first heard about this resort when I read about their supporting Nude World Gardening Day and was intrigued.

Visiting the resort was a great experience - it was once an estate, and it covers six or so acres, with lots of room and paths amongst the two pool, tennis court, fitness villa, jacuzzi tub and more. It's really a nice place to hang out with incredible views of the valley.

Because its on the valley overlooking San Jose, the trip from the airport was quick, and the resort's location proved to be excellent for tours and trips to the east and west coasts, including Costa Rica's nude beaches.

There lots to do on the resort, with live entertainment on the weekends - it can be peaceful if you want, and they have these cabana type beds where you can nude sunbathe in privacy if you so want. The restaurant and bar are an intimate setting, and offer a menu of over 10 pages of meals to choose from.

I will come back, especially when they hold their resort takeover weeks with arranged activities for nudists alike!

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