New Cambium

New Cambium
Villa Magante
Espaillat Province 56000
Dominican Republic
+1 508-648-2840
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Lat: 19.60208 - Lon: -70.17554
Like to live naked, warm and free, all year round? This new community in the tropical Dominican Republic is in the process of being established.
  • 100 Camping spaces
  • 100 Bed spaces
  • Area 71 hectares
  • Near the sea
  • Near river/lake
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • Pets allowed

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Jeff Gerbino
As someone who pumped 17G into one of those lots came down to the DR to check it all out and got all those Rosy Reports is the place even there? Did they declare bankruptcy? Be nice so I declare the loss on my taxes next year. It was not a full out scam but a dumb pipe dream that folks should have woken up to. But those running it did a good job of selling the bullshit to everyone.

Louise Yorke
I am a current resident in Cambium, and so far so good! My partner and I have bought a plot, and our house is just about to be started. Yes, workers are clothed, but hang on! Cambium is in the Dominican Republic where public nudity is not widely accepted by the indigenous population. So farm workers and builders are clothed. It goes against the principles of Cambium's naturist community to force workers to work naked, apart from the fact that it would be just a little dangerous to do so! Cambium pays it's workers twice the pay that they would normally expect for the work they do - and because of this we have seen the local villages - Villa Magante and La Yagua flourish and grow. Yes, I'm a little biased as I live here, but the Dominican Republic is a beautiful island, with beautiful people, and Cambium makes it even more special - it's a real naturist's gem!

Rob Jenner
If you expect to be able to make a living at Cambium you may be disappointed.
I am a carpenter, and i went earlier this year, as i arrived i was told that i couldn't work for the only contractor they are using and
being offered a limited amount of work at nonviable rates.
Also didn't seem to be the most naturist friendly place, as the neither the farm workers or the builders are naturists and to be around them as so creates an air of discomfort.
However if these minor points were improved it would have better prospects.

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