Naturist holidays and clubs in Brazil

Capoeira in the buff
Many people in the tropics of Africa and Brazil used to live without clothes before European colonization; Ancient Greek athletes practiced sports naked. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art and probably the only modern sport that is always practiced with music, similar to sport events in Ancient Greece. read more
A day in the life of a naturist
A Day in the Life of a Naturist is a documentary about Carina who has chosen to live a life as a naturist at Colina del Sol in southern Brazil. read more
Grupo Naturista de Santarém 
Pará Região Norte


Rincão Clube Naturista 

Located in the municipality of Guaratinguetá 200 km from São Paulo and 225 km from Rio de Janeiro, in a magnificent valley between the mountains of Serra do Mar, near the towns of Cunha and Paraty.
Sociedade Naturista de Tambaba 
Paraíba Região Nordeste

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