Naturist holidays in Belgium

Bockstaelhoeve (Zonneleven) 
Weistraat 2 9660 Zegelsem
Zonneleven, a private association, has existed since 1983 and has some 600 members, mostly families. The club is near Brakelbos and the nature reserve Burreken, in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes.
Athena Hélios 
Grevenbos 2 (O.L. Heerstraat) B-3078 Meerbeek
Plenty of facilities for members and visitors. Much of the land is reserved for sports and activities including volleyball, badminton, petanque and tennis.
Natuur Puur 
Rijselberg 50 B-2230 Herselt
A simple site for the leisure seeker with a tent or caravan. The plots of 100 sqm each are equipped with electricity.
't Vennebos Natuurleven 
Klein Opperstraat 8-10 B-3201 Langdorp-Aarschot
Organised activities for both adults and children, and communal meals.
Naturistencamping Grensland 
Blikstraat 82 2920 Kalmthout2920
14 very spacious places around a natural swimming pond, a nudist beach, amidst meadows and surrounded by beautiful countryside.

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