Naturist holidays in Belgium

Bockstaelhoeve (Zonneleven) 
Weistraat 2 9660 Zegelsem
Zonneleven, a private association, has existed since 1983 and has some 600 members, mostly families. Members are kept informed through a quarterly magazine about activities.
Athena Hélios 
Grevenbos 2 (O.L. Heerstraat) B-3078 Meerbeek
Plenty of facilities for members and visitors. Much of the land is reserved for sports and activities including volleyball, badminton, petanque and tennis.
Natuur Puur 
Rijselberg 50 B-2230 Herselt
A simple site for the leisure seeker with a tent or caravan. The plots of 100 sqm each are equipped with electricity.
't Vennebos Natuurleven 
Klein Opperstraat 8-10 B-3201 Langdorp-Aarschot
Organised activities for both adults and children, and communal meals.
Naturistencamping Grensland 
Blikstraat 82 2920 Kalmthout2920
14 very spacious places around a natural swimming pond, a nudist beach, amidst meadows and surrounded by beautiful countryside.

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