Pelican Point Nudist Resort

Pelican Point Nudist Resort
49 Morgan Road
SA 5345
08 8588 7366
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Lat: -34.23735 - Lon: 140.44315
  • Area 16 hectares
  • Near river/lake
  • Sauna
  • Shop

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Just spent 3 nights there. The owners Rex and Yvonne are very honest that they are slowing down and looking to retire. Maintaining a park of this size is a lot of physical work. I hope whoever buys the property keeps it as a nudist place because with a bit of TLC it could be a very nice place. Green lawns, well maintained garden, well set up, the only thing missing is a swimming pool. I was made to feel very welcome by these naturist owners and would happily go back. I would suggest if anyone is planning to stay there to book in advance, the old couple seem to like to plan.

I've just spent a couple of days at Pelican Point in my camper. The hosts Rex and Yvonne were super friendly, the dog was friendly, and even the few free roaming chickens were friendly, except the one that gave me an evil eye. The bull ants weren't friendly as you leave the grounds and walk the path down to lake Bonney. If they were trained, one could stand on their backs and it would be like a conveyor belt to the lake. If someone could take some ant killing granules and pour them down the ant holes at night whilst the ants are sleeping, that should alleviate the only problem with getting from the park to the lake. Oh, and all the rabbits running around appear friendly, if not somewhat shy.

No wonder this place is for sale! I have never met the rudest, smart arsed ppl in my life. So condesending and just plain rude. The old bag didn't even know my business there and i felt like i couldn't get out quick enough. Good luck to anyone who buys this pace because you are going to have a big job ahead to rectify all the wrongs these ppl have done. I wasn't even invite to have a look around!

We just spent a wonderful week and a bit at this resort, when we arrived we were met by Rex the grumpy bastard with the beard, as soon as he realised that we were a genuine nudist couple, ( male and female ) we were made most welcome, Rex and Yvonne went out of their way to make us welcome, gave us advise on where to visit and Rex hand drew maps for us for the out of the way places which were great.

The amenities were way above average compared to the average caravan park and spotless.

Then there was that bloody dog, BUDDY, we wanted to pinch him and take him home with us, he joined us for breakfast every morning and was there every night to see us off to bed and make sure we didn't leave any food out for the birds.

Rex and Yvonne took us to the Barmera RSL and shouted us a meal one night, most or all park owners don't do this for visitors.

These people , Rex and Yvonne made us so welcome and were a wealth of knowledge about the local history, we would recommend this place to every genuine nudist couple, we will be going back (to see the dog Buddy)

Myself and my partner travelled nearly 4 hours to get there. Greeted by a loverly black staffy dog. We spoke to a middle aged man with a big white beard and you could not see his face properly as his beard was so big. He was instantly rude and unwelcoming, he refused entry to the park and his wife in the background said "Inappropriate behaviour" which we are not sure what that meant. I was in shock to tell you the truth as it was the long easter weekend and they gave us no reason why we could not enter just being very rude. Look at the reviews on other sites I am not the only person this has happened too. Definitely not recommended.

Don't bother with this place — it's a shocker.
The guy there is gruff, rude and ask intrusive questions.
"Store" was filthy and neglected. Campsite was average, with the owner chastising me about an animal grave close by, yet it was his decision to have me camp there! Camp kitchen was a joke: not a single thing provided there, poor quality stove, gas could not be turned on easily and the owner was gruff when summoned to turn it on. Sexual commentary while being shown a tree-loft house was extremely disconcerting and annoying; never seen that before in a nudist resort. Struggled to put up with the place for two nights, way too primitive and unwelcoming. Please, all go to Pilwarren for a true-blue and caring experience.

Sharon &Jon
Booked into caravan for two nights. Appon arrival the van was full of flying bugs. The owner informed us the bugs were harmless and that vacuuming them up would resolve the situation. Unfortunatly this did not help, and we had bugs falling from the ceiling onto our food.
We had to stay that first night and yes once it got dark and cold the bgs went into hiding but as soon as it got warm and sunny they came back
We went a walk the next morning and when we entered the caravan we found the bugs were all over the floor and ceiling. It was a struggle to pack all our stuff to make sure we didnt pack any of the with our things
Even tho we paid for two nights we could not stay another night. And left as soon as we could
If you are planning a trip their and intending on staying in one of there caravans please ceck to make sure the bugs have gone

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