Cutlers Beach - Wonthaggi

Cutlers Beach - Wonthaggi
Wonthaggi Heathlands
via Campbell Street & Chisolms Road
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Wild surf beach stretching for km. The beach is rarely used. It is not officially nude so discretion is a must. You are unlikely to be interrupted.

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Alternate Face
Great beach, always empty for miles with amazing views.

great beach - if the gates are open at the end of Chisolms Rd, the gravel track extends for a while - then sand - so you are best with a four wheel drive - the car park at the beach is gravel and well formed. Alternatively, there is a grass area for about 2 - 3 cars on the left when the gravel ends - but then the walk to the beach along the rest of the sand track is long and difficult on loose sand. No one there mostly. once you turn right on the beach, there are plenty of discrete breaks in the dunes to set up and the beach bends round to the right - so privacy within a 100m or so. Just walking nude for kms is a great feeling. occasional walker, but you see them coming. the rocks are fun to explore at low tide. The other alternative is the very long walk from Williamsons beach car park at the end of the road by the De-sal plant (Lower Powlett Rd) This car park is very close to the beach and sealed right to the end. The walk along the beach past the Baxter's beach track and eventually to Cutlers is long - 40-50mins, but is pretty deserted. Can loose the clothes pretty much right away once on the beach and walk forever. A few dog-walkers close to the carpark, but great otherwise.

Greg Adams
Unofficial Nude Beach

In dry conditions you can drive through the heathlands to a small car park right at the top of the beach, otherwise it is a 12 minute walk in from the main carpark at the end of Chisolms Road.

From the top go down to the beach. Surfers go to the left and nudists to the right. Occasionally walkers will use the beach so be prepared to be discrete.

Th beach is excellent, particularly at low tide. It stretches for kilometers and you can freely walk nude for as far as you want.

If you want to try the water then don't go past where you can safely reach the ground. There are strong rips. There are plenty of shallow swimming areas and lovely rock pools at low tide.

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