Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island
Lat: -19.13728 - Lon: 146.82289
Magnetic Island is about 40 minutes by ferry from Townsville. You can take your own car over on the ferry, or you can hire one there for a reasonable price. Bicycles are also available, and buses operate from Picnic Bay to Horseshoe Bay.

There are a number of spots where nude bathing is practised fairly regularly but due to increased tourism on the island and some pressure from local residents a few have ceased being used. Probably the most popular one is Rocky Bay, just around from Picnic Bay. Either take the track from the eastern end of Main Street, or walk up the road from Marine Gardens to the track directly down to the beach. Balding Bay is another quite suitable spot. Access is gained by following the track from either Radical Bay or Horseshoe Bay. The western end of Horseshoe Bay is also used by nudists. Just use your commonsense and show due consideration for others on the beach.

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Went to Balding Bay, there were a few nudists there, fantastic spot, Arthur Bay is quite accessible and a few people but no nudists. Rocky bay at low tide is stunning and contained a mixture of singles couples and a family. Not much nudism, but nobody seemed to care that I was naked, albeit I was discrete.
Fantastic place to visit with pretty consistent good weather.

Balding Bay is the best known nudist beach on the island, but more and more nudists are starting to use Arthur Bay as it is a lot easier to get to.Plenty of places to be discrete but avoid weekends and school holidays - for obvious reasons!!

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