Kambah Pool

Kambah Pool
Lat: -35.396 - Lon: 149.01227
Legal beach
The Kambah Pool legal clothes optional beach is situated south west of Canberra on the beautiful Murrumbidgee River. From Canberra follow the signs on Highway 23 to Tuggeranong. Turn right into Sulwood Drive and then left into Kambah Pool Road. Continue straight through the roundabout at Berritt Street and follow the road to the lower car park. From here you walk downstream for about 200 metres to the legal clothes optional area. It  is a lovely section of the river, and barbecue and toilets facilities have been provided.

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I have attended Kambah Pool with a female friend, and found the bush and river layout quite natural. This type of atmosphere produces a natural relaxing Australiana. Like all nude venues there were a variety of people in different sections enjoying their privacy, and also, willing to communicate if approached. It is a place to connect with people and nature, clothing free. The feeling is liberating, and an opportunity to meet like minded people. There will always be, on occasions, an element of sexual arousal. This can be natural and should be taken in the context of the environment. We plan to go back this summer; to view, enjoy, meet, and communicate in a nude environment that is natural and liberating...

Hairy nosed wombat

The Kambah Pool is located on the Murrimbigee river near the Canberra suburb of Kambah.
in the 70s it was famous as being the second legal nude beach in Australia.
Regrettably its easy access and proximity to the city has meant it is now over run with Dune Lurkers of a variety of sexual persuasions. Usually Dune Lurkers hide up in the sand dunes and are easy enough to ignore. The space of the dunes means they are spread out. However the Kambah Pool is a series of small river beaches interspersed with rocky banks and low scrub, meaning they are closer together and have no dunes to hide in, so they are in your face.
During the winter months, it is used as a gay beat, and when the weather warms up, the gays occupy the main beach, making it a less desirable place
I am told that once it was a popular place for families, but after one unfortunate visit, Mrs Wombat will not go back there.

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