Casuarina Beach

Casuarina Beach
Lat: -12.35523 - Lon: 130.87022
To get to the  Casuarina Free Beach from Darwin, travel along the Stuart Highway and turn left onto Bagot Road at the flyover. Continue on past  McMillans Road (which is where the entrance to the airport is now) and the road will curve to the right and become  Trower Road. From there continue on past Dripstone Rd and Casuarina Square which will be on the left and past Dripstone High School which will be on the right. Then it is right turn at a round-about into Dripstone Park continuing on past the picnic area and the Surf Life Saving Club and right on to the end of the road which becomes a car park. The legal nude bathing section is about 500 metre walk further on and is clearly signposted.

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Alan Lee
My girlfriend and I visited Casuarina Free Beach last week. Very few people around, including the clothed beach. We may have been the first people to arrive at the nude section but two other older guys showed up shortly after us. It was our first time at a nude beach. We found a shady spot and laid our towels on the sand. I dropped my shorts and urged my girlfriend to strip off. She hesitated, then took off her top, saying she would undress bit by bit. Just then another old guy come along and plonks himself not more than 10 feet away. We thought he was just sharing the shade, and thought nothing of it. But that ended any hope of my girlfriend taking off her bikini bottom. We sat there for a while, then left. Almost immediately after we started walking off, the guy also moved off. It was then it became clear to us that he was there to stare at naked bodies.

The beach was really quite nice. The sand was fine and smooth. Had the pervry guy not spoilt our time at the beach, it would have been a great first nude experience for us.

Went there yesterday, the beach is beautiful....low tide
No body was there

So I understand that there are no vehicles allowed on Casurina Beach??? If not allowed are there any other free beaches that you can drive on? We regularly go to Samurai Beach NSW so possibly we are spoilt.

Just to add to what I wrote before, I went back to Casuarina nude beach last week and parked a bit closer. The beach is actually very well signposted if you're approaching along the path through the trees on the landward side instead of along the beach. The beach was still glorious, empty, clean and peaceful and the temperature was even better. Enjoy it.

I went to Casuarina nude beach earlier today, the first nude beach I've ever been to, and it was absolutely fabulous. It was largely empty, clean and beautiful and the water was the perfect temperature, though I only went up to my knees for fear of box jellyfish. The signposts marking the legal section were a bit hard to see under the trees at the edge of the beach (I walked to the nude section along the beach from Dripstone Point) but I would highly recommend it and am looking forward to going back there (with sunscreen this time) and enjoying another wonderfully peaceful and relaxing day.

I reviewed your sites & am very impressed with the naturist resorts of yours , would love to be there on of these days, my spouse had been to casurina with her friend and she loves it there.

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