Bay to Breakers Race, San Francisco, 2015-05-17

Just three days before the largest footrace in the world was to begin in San Francisco, the Bay Area got hit by a storm that drenched communities north, south and east of the city. Rare thunder and lightening scared many people. But San Francisco sits like a pearl in the center, and Mother Nature protected us… not a single drop of rain fell on the city.

Friday was cool, overcast but no rain. The sun peeked out throughout the day. Saturday was like Friday, tolerable but not very inviting, except toward the end of the day when sunshine prevailed.

So, the weather forecast said it would be 51 degrees over night, and 53 degrees plus during Sunday….no rain, but cold. Of course, real runners get warm, even hot, from the exertion of running, so I can hope for a few nudes bracing the chilly weather, to complete the largest footrace in the world. (We’ll see).

And cold it was. It kept many traditional nudes away, and a palpable wind chill made even dressed onlookers feel cold Overcast, no sunshine peeking through, and low light level.

Police turned a blind eye to drinking and nudity, and beyond the 50,000 signed-up runners there was an additional mass of 20,000 to 30,000 additional hangers-on, a few being nude but the vast majority just having fun… and getting high on the drinks easily available alongside the route. Colorful costumes of all kinds and general eccentricity made for a fun themed race as usual, and some coverage of nudity was also possible, despite the low temperatures and poor light level… Like the postal deliveries – Rain or Shine – nudity coverage for the naturist press is imperative.

Leif Heilberg, May 2015.

All photographs taken by Leif Heilberg, Viking Photography Inc.,

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After participating in the bay to breakers for several years, It's hard not to find pics of myself on many websites featuring bay to breakers, or public nudity. The article written below my pic has little or nothing to do with what was going through my mind as I walked nude through the city streets. I was never a nudist until the b2b, and it still attracts me year after year, no matter what the weather is like, in fact, the weather has little or nothing to do with my decision to take off my clothing for the race.I think the number one reason I disrobe is because of the ultimate feeling of total freedom, both body and mind. I enjoy the positive comments and I'm also not used to the hundreds? of people hustling to get a good position to photograph me, or even better when I'm asked to pose with some of the ladies, that I find both enjoyable and sexually awakening! Thanks for posting my photo.....

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