Fairlight Cove

Fairlight Cove
Lat: 50.86593 - Lon: 0.63564
Fairlight Cove is a former official beach but is less well attended now due to serious erosion problem, and unstable cliffs.

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Lovely Beach.Ignore the signs that says there will be no Access to the beach. Sometimes at the later afternoon/early evening some couples enjoy her self😉

I just returned from Hastings after spending 5 days there. As the weather was good, I visited Fairlight Beach every day. There is no problem with access to the beach. You can either walk along the beach from Hastings if the tide is out - this takes about 45 minutes and is a wonderful walk. If you don't want to walk along the beach you simply walk down to Fairlight Beach, down the track which is well defined and has steps cut into the steeper parts. This would not present any issue to a reasonably fit and mobile person. It's a beautiful beach and well worth a visit. It's one of my favourite places in the UK.

Ignore the signs saying there is no access to beach - they're just put there by the council to cover themselves. People frequently re-do the steps to ensure that access to the beach remains open. Once you are there you won't want to leave or frequent any other nude beach,as Fairlight is such an attractive place with lots of room whether you want to be around other people or more private. Hope to see you there!

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