St Osyth Naturist Beach

St Osyth Naturist Beach
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Lat: 51.77037 - Lon: 1.06767
Official naturist beach
The beach is privately owned and consists of dry powdery sand with a lot of grass. As it is on a river it can have a lot of rubbish. The end of the naturist section is fenced off where a nature reserve starts.

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Our first visit to St.Osyth beach - June 2021.

The beach is not perfect, a few old signs of industry and broken up rubble but the walk from the caravan park was fine.

Head to the sea wall, turn right, then walk 10mins to get to the steps down to the beach and walk another 15 mins along the shore.

When we arrived there were several couples set up and a few singles, there were 10 or so couples by the time we left at lunch time, everyone kept to themselves and it was a very pleasant morning. As others have said we saw one or two textile gentlemen walking slowly past but nothing to worry about.

We will hopefully go again soon.

In the height of this unusual summer I went to St Osyth. Having read the reviews on here, and other places, I was expecting the worst. It's not the greatest beach you are ever going to visit, but it isn't quite as bad as is made out. Yes there was a mattress, but it wasn't actually on the naturist beach itself.
The beach is shingle and a bit of sand, so you need footwear. Park at the caravan car park in front of the amusement arcade go up to the beach and turn right. There is a concrete path that will get you most of the way - be careful not to follow it too far as it does pull away from the beach itself. It's about a 15 minute walk to naturist beach.
When you get to the beach it is in three sections: first straight, then gay and finally gay cruising. There were a small number of people on the beach today, so it was easy to find a secluded spot and strip off. I was not troubled by anyone, and you were left to your own devices. At the very far end of the beach, in the cruising area, a couple were at it, but that aside it was all very civil.
Would I go again? Yes. It is a liberating feeling being out in the sun, and while the beach isn't that pretty, it's fine. It isn't as terrible as some reviews would have you think (either that, or I have shockingly low standards ...)

Essex nudist
Well I feel I had to do a write up about my visit today to St Oysth naturist beach..
Reading the last couple of reviews here I wish I had seen them earlier today before heading off to find d some where local to get cloth free..Baring in mi be that this review is 5 years on from the last review here. Nothing has changed.. If anything it's worse, the beach was littered with loads of rubbish, empty bags, beer cans , old paint buckets and even an old matteress. This must be one of the worst beaches I have ever been to. When you consider beaches like Clacton and Southend on sea have won awards for the cleaness of its beaches .. Just because they are used by textiles why should naturist beaches be forgotten.. I even found 2 tractor tires abandoned on the beach.. No other nudist there today.. a few strollers.. and that was all . Even the highlight of my day was rubbish I had a cooked breakfast in the cafe on the beach.. worst food ever.. knife and forks didn't even match!!! And the plates and coffee mug had cracks and chips to the edges . Not the kind you eat !!.. all I can say is the caravan park and the food and the beach are all enjoyed by scummy people ..


Michael Crowland
I visited the naturist beach last Thursday. There was empty drinks containers and general rubbish everywhere, this was well above the waterline so it was not flotsam deposited by the sea.

Our visit to St.Osyth on 31st August 2012. We followed the instruction from this very website and found the directions to be quite accurate. We knew we were going in the right direction because a large coloured sign on the beach announced “Naturist Beach 1km”. Off we trekked with our backpacks along the beach as the terrain at the top of the beach is quite stony. After about 100m we passed two guys sitting on the sea defence wall. They were fiddling with their shoes and rucksacks and I thought nothing of it. After a few hundred metres or so we stopped to get our bearings as not a lot seemed to be happening and the description of the beach mentioned scrubland and dunes. It was then that I noticed the guys were following us. They had also stopped and were fiddling with their bags again. So we started off again and they did too. When we stopped, they stopped and when we moved off, so did they. So this put me a little ill at ease especially as we were both new to the beach. OK, so they could have been nervous naturists too so we gave them the benefit of the doubt. We finally reached a point along the beach where we could see the nature reserve so we turned back along the beach as we knew this was the gay area and there did seem to be some activity. We also knew that the middle bit was the swinging scene area so we drifted down to an area in the middle of the two big wooden stumps on the beach. From here we headed into the dunes above the beach. Sure enough our two followers had tailed us and did an abrupt turn and headed back when they saw us returning. They also headed into the dunes and appeared to disappear for a while. By this time I was very unsure and hesitant but my partner stripped off determined not to let anyone spoil the day and after a few minutes I did the same. It was a beautiful day and the sun by now was quite warm and we lay back to soak up the sun and relax. Some chance. This is when the activity started. One of the guys who had followed us adopted the usual meerkat stance every few minutes and popped his head above the dunes. But we did our best to ignore him taking the advice so often offered that if you ignore them then they’ll go away and after about 90 minutes they did indeed disappear. In the meantime we had various “characters” stomping past every 10/15 minutes on what we had now observed as well-worn paths through the dunes. In true naturist style, the sun solved our problem by disappearing behind a large black cloud and we packed up and left. We had spent about 2 hours in total sunbathing. So I would like to make the following points. Firstly, I think we were the only true naturists on the beach that day. Perhaps I was being optimistic by going on a Friday instead of the weekend but I assumed (wrongly) that it would be quieter. Had other naturists been there then perhaps the experience would have been a more positive one. Secondly and perhaps more decidedly, the dunes area was filthy. This was not debris washed up from the river at high tide this was just rubbish discarded by people who don’t care about their environment. Stuff like plastic water bottles, beer cans, wine bottles (some broken, what a nightmare), discarded items of clothing and masses of tissue paper gave the area a sordid ambience. Perhaps naturists no longer use this area and the other factions have taken over. I have nothing against the gay guys, after all they wouldn’t be interested in me and the same goes for the swingers but it does annoy me when fully or partially clothed guys wander around gradually getting nearer and nearer with each walk. I find it very intimidating and creepy that certain guys have to behave like this. Perhaps if I understood their motives then that might help me to understand their actions. So overall not a great experience but thankfully the day ended on a better note as we had a marvellous bag of chips and a drink at the “Jolly Sailor” pub back at the car park. Will we be visiting again? Well, seeing at it is technically the nearest naturist beach to where we live I had reasonably high hopes about regular visits. I knew there would be some dubious activity as the web is littered with mainly negative reviews about St Osyth but some reviewers did appear to have a positive experience on their visit. Would anyone else like to comment on their 2012 experience at this beach? I am also happy to take advice from other naturists about this beach or indeed any other locations in the North Essex area. I can’t help feeling that it’s safety in numbers but if true naturists have finally deserted St Osyth then a repeat visit is unlikely. I await your comments.

The beach is a long walk from the holiday park and you will need to wear some good shoes, we took flip flops as well to wear when sunbathing as the area has many little stones at the top of the beach before you get to the grass area. When the weather is hot this is a wonderful place, the birds singing and the lapping of the sea is lovely, it’s really peaceful. The tide does come in very high sometimes and you have to move off the sand on to the grass scrub land.
Most of the real Nudist use the first part of the beach, there were singles and couples all using this part. When you go to the far end of the beach and back into the scrub dunes area, this is used by mainly Gay males having sex. There are also some swinger couples who use this area for sex.
We were fine with this and didn’t have any problems just enjoyed being nude on the beach, but this is not a family beach. It only has toilets at the holiday park which is miles away, so most people pee in the scrub area. We took a wind break as it is on a very exposed part of the coast and the wind can really blow sometimes. We got really tanned as the breezes of the sea give you a lovely colour.

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