Leysdown East

Leysdown East
Isle of Sheppey
(01795) 580068
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Lat: 51.377 - Lon: 0.94752
Official naturist beach

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Ian Clarke
Hi. This is a fantastic beach and it would be great to get to know the people I share it with. I have therefore created a facebook group for that reason. You can share stories and pictures. etc.

Ian Clarke
Fantastic. My first time ever and it was a perfect location. all that I saw there was 3 men on their own and two male and female couples. Everyone had windbreaks up and just kept themselves to themselves. I had a real fear that people would be looking at me and making me feel uncomfortable. I am very nervous. It wasn’t long and I was strolling to the bins to throw my food wrappers away without a stitch on. I wish I had found this place years ago and had the confidence to go for it. The only thing that did happen was a fully dressed guy kept walking through the dunes. He looked out of place as it was hot and he was wearing jeans and a leather jacket. After his third walk past I just grinned and didn’t care. If he wanted to look at my fat belly and little man thing then let him go for. Little things please little minds. It was actually quite flattering. I am so pleased I did it and I will be going back there on many of my days off work..

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