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Lat: 35.35014 - Lon: 33.63047
Adults only self-catering holiday. Serenity, a purpose-built naturist haven. Serenity bungalows has sea and mountain view, away from residential area. Serenity is totally secluded.
  • 8 Bed spaces
  • Area 0.8 hectares
  • Near the sea
  • Swimming pool
  • Shop
  • Bar
  • WiFi

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As I live and work on the South of the Island in the Republic of Cyprus I had to get up early to avoid the rush at the boarder. I needn't have bothered as it was backed up way down the road anyway. Once through the boarder crossing it was a lovely and peaceful drive to Serenity which was very easy to find.

The gates where open ready for my arrival with Hal the owner standing by. Driving through the gates to the secure parking area where Hal and Sifa his wife also have their private residence, I was surprised at the quality and the setup of this place, obviously a lot of thought was put in to it prior to building.
It is all self sustaining on the power side with a wind turbine and solar panels on the roofs too, using the wind and sun to generate the power. We are never short of either wind or sun in Cyprus. Also the hot water is all created using solar as well.

The guest part is closed off by 2 more gates one a service entrance and the other the guest gate from the car park area.
The carpark area is also closed off and private, unless someone is entering or leaving. I did forget some stuff in my car, I didn't think twice about going out to get it without worrying about putting clothes on. As I said on arrival I was welcomed by both Hal and Sifa and shown around the premises and I must say my first impression was not wrong, as I was shown around the place all I could think was, "Colin you found the perfect get-away here, it is going to be safe, fun and very relaxing too". Within minutes I had made a cup of coffee and was standing outside my chalet nude thinking, Wow this is the life.
The chalets themselves are well equipped with small a kitchenette that has a kettle, gas ring, microwave, toaster and fridge so you can cook you own simple meals should you not want to go out to a restaurant. There is a big comfortable double bed in the main part of the chalet and a separate shower and toilet. There are ample tables chair and sun beds as well.
Beach towels are supplied in the rooms for use around the pool and jacuzzi. There are also seats, chairs and benches scattered strategically around the picturesque small garden they have created. I spent a lot of my time here in the garden in both sun and shade. It is obvious to see that a lot of TLC goes in to the property. To be perfectly honest I could not find fault at all with Serenity or the owners, it is obviously a labour of love and they are very proud of what they have created and rightfully so.
I felt right at home and I will be visiting regularly throughout the summer. So any naturist coming to visit Cyprus or coming to see friends or family who live in Cyprus whether the North or South, spare a thought for Serenity if you need a few days (or even a week or more) nude in the sun. It is the perfect place to be while getting your all over tan. Like I said both Hal and Sifa will make you feel at home, Hal and Sifa are naturists too so they pop into the guest area to go for a swim and sunbathe and chat if you want too. Hal also potters around the garden area doing the odd jobs all nude naturally as you would expect.

My rating of Serenity doesn't need thinking about it is full marks, 5 out of 5 without a shadow of a doubt. And of course big thanks go to Hal and Sifa for advertising Serenity where I could find it and especially for making this a home away from home experience for me. "I will be back" :)

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