Naturist holidays in the The Canary Islands

‘The Canaries’ are situated about 70 miles off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean, giving them the perfect climate - plenty of sunshine, tempered by a refreshing Atlantic breeze - all year round! As a result they have become Europe’s most popular destination for winter naturist sun.
Playa del Medio 

Playa del Medio is a 250m long pebble beach with formidable headlands on both ends and is usually quiet.
Playa de las Monjas 

This small (100m), hidden black sand beach is located just below a banana plantation and seems to be the only nude beach on La Palma.
Corralejo Dunes 

The dunes extend about 8kms and most of it is naturist once away from a couple of hotels.
Playa El Cofete 

Nudity is acceptable anywhere on this 14km beach. Access requires a 20km drive along unpaved roads.
Playa Lagoon 

Naturists sunbathe amongst the dunes and walk in the quieter areas of the lagoon. Kite surfing in the lagoon is popular here.

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