Naturist holidays, clubs and campsites in Zuid Holland

Naaktstrand Scheveningen 

Nudist recreation is permitted between poles 96.5 and 98.0
Naaktstrand Kijkduin 
Den Haag
Nudist recreation is permitted between dams 20 and 21
Naaktstrandje Delftse Hout 

Nudist recreation is permitted on a small area on the North Eastern side. The area is marked with two concrete pillars, with no further indication.
Naaktstrandje Wilhelminapark in Rijswijk 

In the south-west of the park there is a small section for nudist recreation. This is a grass area, with no sandy beach.
De Bessenhof (ZHLB) 
Schinkeldijk 42a, Tempel 2811 PB Reeuwijk
A typical example of a peatland: an elongated strip of land, intersected by a number of locks. It is about 12 minutes walk from front to back.

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