Sallymount Beach

Sallymount Beach
Lat: 52.846 - Lon: -6.09353
This is one of the most popular naturist beaches in Ireland.
Turn off the main Dublin – Wexford (M11) motorway at Exit 19. Go down this road until you can go no further. Turn right and follow the coast for about 1¾ miles (2.8 km) until you come to a collection of fir trees and gateposts marked Buckroney at a road junction. If you park at or near the junction please do not obstruct any gates leading into fields. At the junction on the beach side of the road, there is a small gate. Walk through the gate and follow the path through the dunes for 10-15 minutes. Parts of this walk are steep. Alternatively, for an easier walk, you can continue driving parallel to the beach until you come to a small car park beside a path down to the beach. Walk down to the beach, turn left (north) and continue walking for approximately 15 minutes.

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