Naturist holidays and campsites in North East France

North East France includes Alsace, Lorraine, Franche-Comte, Champagne Ardenne, Picardie and Nord pas de Calais
Plage de Wissant 

Nudity is tolerated in a vaguely defined naturist zone from 1km to 3km northeast of the carpark.
Plage du Domaine de Marquenterre 

After walking about 10 minutes south from Quend-Plage-les-Pins, nudity can be practiced for the next 5km.
Gravière du Blauelsand 
Bas Rhin
5 mins from the Palais de L'Europe, heading to Port Petroles, along the Rhine for 2km. Parking area. Range allowed by municipal bylaw 28.06.1989.

Sables d'Opale is the most popular nude beach between Normandy and Belgium.
Lac de Chalain 

There is a large sign announcing "Plage Naturiste" just around the corner from the textile beach that backs on to Domaine de Chalain camping.

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