Naturist holidays and campsites in Austria

Many find the Austrians to be a rather formal, conservative people and so are often surprised at the extent of nudity in Austrian culture. There is a flourishing naturist movement or Freikörperkultur (free body culture) in Austria and you will often see signs to FKK areas or "FKK strand" which is a nude beach.
Schlossstraße 5 A - 9062 Moosburg
Our naturist camping in the charming hilly landscape of Carinthia is naturally protected against intrusive glances.
Helio-Carinthia Naturistenpark 
Pressingberg 31-32 A-9861 EISENTRATTEN / Carinthia AUSTRIA
This nature reserve is known for its sweet, grassy summit and its southern climate. We meet almost everything that matters to the alpine flora and fauna here.

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